Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Joy Comes Seeping In Again

The first thing I felt inside when I opened my eyes this morning was joy.  I almost didn't recognize the sensation.  It felt good and made me smile.  I snuggled down there for another fifteen minutes, just enjoying not needing to cry.  It was good.

So, I have not had enough blankets for my bed.  I stopped by a thrift store yesterday to see what I might be able to find.  I found a king bed spread with two matching shams not only in the colors I'm doing my bedroom in, but in the same cottage type style that I've somehow decorated my little place in!!  Ten bucks later, I was off to wash em and get em ready for purties!!!  I also found a mis-marked down comforter.  Queen size, brand spankin new, marked at $1.99.  Yep, you read that right, a buck ninety nine for a queen size down comforter with the prettiest baffle pattern I've ever seen.  Tags on people.  Yes.  Needless to say, I have a fluffy cozy nest to retreat to at night now.  Bliss.

I do need to find a duvet for it.

I spent the evening once I got home just tinkering around and trying to get things organized and put away.  It is a challenge to figure out where to put things and find space.  I have definitely down sized!!

Another super find yesterday occurred when I stopped in the Dollar General (yes, I use 'the' in front of DG and anywhere else it seems you should add a little twang to) to pick up a gallon of vinegar for my laundry, cruised down the clearance isle and found EVERYTHING I've been needing/looking for for my spare bathroom.  I got the most gorgeous satin type shower curtain in these delicate little purple/lavender/silver stripes, the heavy duty plastic liner, the hooks, two bath towels, three wash rags, two rugs and didn't spend over $15.00 on the whole purchase.  And that included the vinegar and some chews I picked up for Gizmo.  I know the stuff isn't quality, but you would never know to look at that adorable restroom  :-).  I had a cute diffuser style air freshener in purples already, a pretty glass bowl in purples pinks and silvers and a couple other candle type things that matched the haul, so that potty is all girlied up and gorgeous.

Also stopped in a little local taqueria I've been wanting to try out.  Spent 15 minutes or more just chatting with the owner and his teenage son.  Super nice people.  Bought some tamales to have in the freezer.  I really enjoyed visiting with them.  I'll definitely go visit again and let them feed me.  The man is a beast cook.

I think I am learning how to be by myself and actually enjoy it and be ok with it.  That makes my heart a bit lighter.

I also bought one of those Glade automatic squirty air freshener contraptions on the Christmas clearance isle a couple of weeks ago.  Those things are like ten bucks, but since it had Christmas Cinnamon air freshener in it, I got it for a buck fifty.  The exterior is just the plain white and you can use any brand of refill in it once the cinnamon one is gone, so who gives a care??  I've put off buying one because they're so expensive, so SCORE.

Of course, every time the dang thing goes off I jump out of my skin, then have to giggle at myself.

The cowardly lion, that's me.

I also pulled out a gym bag and started putting together all the things I'll need to start working out again tomorrow.  The class actually started yesterday, but my upper back is still way too sore from wrenching it at the stock show this weekend to mess around and make it worse with push ups, etc., so I chose to wait till tomorrow to give it a little more time to heal first.  I'm dreading the start of working out, hitting it hard and killing myself, but SO looking forward to how I get to feeling once I'm in the groove of it.

My booty will thank me, too.

Papoose #1 had a rough life lesson Monday.  She called me in tears, telling me her car had been towed.  She parked in the parking lot of the apartments across the street from her apartment, instead of finding an open spot in her complex that might have been further away.  We are going to get her car out of impound after work today.  I believe the fee will hover just over $300.00.   Yeah.  Tough life lesson for the poor thing.  Thank God The Real Deal has the money to loan her.  I honestly don't know what she would have done otherwise.

That man is a good good person.

Day three of not hearing from Mister Wonderful as he sorts through his thoughts, feelings and plans for the future.  I'm waiting to hear how he wants to handle everything.  I'm giving him his space and letting him work through it all in whatever way he needs to.

I think I shall make it through the day not only NOT crying, but smiling a whole lot.

The radio played nothing but killer good music all the way in to work today.

I do believe I made it through an entire post without cussing.

You're welcome.


  1. The peace you have found is an inspiration and has made my morning... looks like God is answering my prayers, I will continue.

  2. Thank you sir. I do appreciate the prayers that you and others have sent up for me. I know without a doubt that those prayers are the only thing getting me through all of this.

  3. can you feel it? ahhhhhhhhh.....

    breathe it in and let it ooze out slowly... ahhhhh

    you are gettin it... you are growing into yourself... somehow i think we get lost in the muckity muck of others... it happens to all of us... and then when they are gone, well, it's as if we have to find a new purpose and learn to get lost in the self again...

    i'm so proud of you! you are going to come out on the other side of this wiser, stronger, and just plain ol fabulous

  4. It is days like this that get us through the shit. Keep putting one foot in front of the other.

  5. You damn sure did.
    Hey, I've been in a crappy cell area last few days and haven't gotten a chance to email ya, but W-spouse got new dishes. Do you need any? It was a white set of Phaltzgraff (SP?). Some pieces are chipped, some missing, but if you need them hit me up.