Friday, February 3, 2012

Oh Yeah, Baby......Patriots Gonna Bring It!!!!!

Figured out a new way to get from my little cottage up to Boyd this morning.  Was at least 15 minutes faster, and I avoided all of the stop and go frustration I was having before.  Score!!

Each morning I leave my cottage and drive to my Boyd house to pick Papoose #2 up and drop her off at school before coming in to work.  At least I get to see her for a few minutes each day, doing that.

She gets very guarded whenever I ask her how her dad is doing.  I don't know why.  I've never done the digging into his personal life and trying to find out his activities by prodding the kids thing.  He has done that to them about what I am up to, but I have never ever done that to them, so I don't know why she gets like that. I truly worry about him and want him to be happy and ok, and since I have no communication with him and am leaving him completely alone to work through things, I just ask her if he is ok to check in on him.  Oh well.

I'm having my own little super bowl party.  This will be the first time in over 20 years that I've not put together a football watching party for Mister Wonderful and my family and our friends.  Things have definitely changed.  Bittersweet.

Many people in my family raced dirt bikes when I was a kid.  We also went dirt bike riding in the hills of California all the time as a family/friends group.  My dad started me on a little 60 and I worked my way up.  By the time I was a teenager, I started riding street bikes.  I had a couple favorites over the years.  I really miss doing that.  All of my friends and I would literally open a map and pop our finger down somewhere then ride there on the weekend.  We had such fun and met so many great people.  Those were good times that I've not really thought of in so long.  I don't have any photos loaded on my computer from those days yet, but here are a couple of the bikes I owned.  These are not my actual bikes, but mine looked exactly like them, same year model, paint and everything.  Except that once I had the red and white Hurricane for awhile, I took it to my dads and we painted it a gorgeous black cherry color, rims and all.

Ok, I'm starving and need to get something to eat.

Have a fabulous weekend, all, and remember:

GO PATRIOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. mm i miss bike riding... when living in Cali, i built my own cafe racer... loved loved loved it! i was just getting geared up and shopping around to buy another bike to convert to cafe style when the beast moved in... i'm terrified to try riding now... you know, balance and all that might be sort of important lol

    the girls will work thru their stuff... they have their own things to work out as a result of the split... love them, listen to them, and they will find the path on their journey... and they'll be back :)