Wednesday, February 8, 2012

This Will Be My Last Post

As you all know, my ex best friend who stabbed me in the back by doing everything in her power to turn my family against me, in her urgency to steal my husband, daughter, and house, told Mister Wonderful about my blog.

Although Mister Wonderful continues to think I'm the worst most awful person in the world, lacking integrity and all other decent human characteristics, I am in fact NOT an awful person.

Because of that, I cannot continue this blog with an open heart to vent and whatever else I need to do, because I am so afraid that in doing so, he will read something that hurts or upsets him, and that is a place I am unwilling to go anymore.

I don't want to fight with him or hurt him.  I just want him to stop hurting me, so we can move on and begin our new lives divorced from each other.

I will miss this.  It is a breakfast table of friends that have helped me cope with a lot of heartache, and shared joys with me.  I will miss this.

But, in the end, I cannot intentionally hurt someone I've loved for so long and made a life and family with.

And so, I bid you all adieu.


  1. Can't you make it private and give all of us faithful readers a password? Other blogs I follow have done that. Works out great. Please consider.

    Will miss hearing from someone who has luck like mine. Hang in there. It's all good. You're fine. They are the ones who are screwed up.

  2. I don't know you, even though I feel like I've known you forever. I will miss your blog, your thoughts and your humor. Put it away for now and maybe down the road there will come a time where you can blog again. I too have been betrayed by someone I trusted so all of your feelings, anger, rants and sadness rang true to me. I hope that now you can, forget about her (she's so not worth it and trust me she sure doesn't think or care about you) and move forward and build the life you deserve.....because you are deserving of a wonderful life.

  3. You know what? You are not responsible for his emotions. He is. If reading this hurts him he can make the decision not to read it. He is a grown man and capable of making healthy or unhealthy decisions. You do not need to take care of him, it is his responsibility.
    I say keep blogging.

  4. If I were you, I would stop venting in public on this blog, but I'm not sure you should stop blogging... You're good at it and you enjoy it. Based on my own personal experiences, hasty decisions are extremely expensive, take your time before you commit.

  5. Well said Birdie!!!!

  6. i hate to see you go... i agree completely with Birdie... you are not responsible for his feelings... but i also understand that not wanting to cause hurt... that is what makes you the bigger person here... you have enough compassion in your soul to avoid causing hurt for others...

    i will miss your wit and sarcasm... stay in touch my friend! :(

  7. Telling someone you thought you knew about your blog blows...don't I know. Hobbits are hard to shake. BUT in the end, Birdie's right -- all of that is on "MnotsoW" and Shitty Friend.

    You should try the locked up blog first, IMO. And, typing with a modicum of troll prevention doesn't hurt either...;-) Denney has a good point.

    We'll all still be around though. So sh*t on the people who try to edge in and read your at you elsewhere. =)


  8. That's total bullshit. You can't leave.

  9. I guess this blog hit me because this happened to me. My BF and MW stabbed me in the back over twenty years ago. I got the same abuse MW is handing you now. He blamed me for the affair and BF enjoyed the abuse he heaped on me. I just wanted to tell you this is not your fault. You could have been the biggest nag, the most stubborn, and the most argumentative wife ever and still this is not your fault. He made the decision to make the ultimate betrayal, to pick the most hurtful person he could find with which to have a fling. That he thinks he has the right to destroy your children's family unit based on your behavior is a character flaw on his part not your. I felt embarrassed, hurt, betrayed, and played nice thinking that somehow it would change things back to the way they were. I assure you he's not playing nice back. He has allowed this woman to play the "cool" adult with your children knowing how it must hurt you, he has allowed and encouraged this woman to bag on you in his presence. He is not playing nice; he wants to hurt you. Do not feel embarrassed, this is his shame not yours. Do not feel guilty, there is no wrong you have done to make MW sleep with your BF, he choose to do this rather than work things out like a responsible adult. Do not make the mistake that your ex-BF should be the focus of your anger, she's nothing in the scheme of things really. She will be his next huckleberry when he is done hurting you; she's not gonna be Ms. Romance forever I promise. The real betrayer; the real fault; the real low down dog in all of this is MW and no matter how much he tries to make you think you are the problem. I promise the rest of the world knows who looks bad here and it's not the one justifying the destruction of a family, and an affair with someone's BF. God bless you and keep blogging. I think you are handling this wonderfully!