Thursday, February 24, 2011

And Then There's Thursday

Well, I have been without a phone for a week now.  I guess it's about time to look into wasting some money and getting a new one.  F*cking smart phones, even if you have insurance on the bastards and only pay the deductible, it's still a hundred bucks!!!  Hell, for that much I'll go pick me out a new toy!!!  Everything has gone to touch screen only, for the phones that I am even remotely interested in.  My Pre was perfect for me.  Touch screen and the qwerty keyboard.  I know there are still a few on the market that have both, but every one of them that I have messed with feels like it's going to fall apart.  So I'm thinking of biting the bullet and getting the Evo like Papoose #1 and The Real Deal have.  I keep being assured that I will get so used to texting via touch screen that I won't even miss my keyboard.....we will see.....

I have a friend that I've known for 18 years or so.  She recently found me again on FaceBook.  I think I've mentioned her before.  The one that was married to the cop husband who hated me or anyone else that took up any of his wifes time?  She finally left the jerk off and is living in Nevada again, where she is from.  Well, she wanted me to come out there and visit her in July when Job #1 shuts down for vacation, but now she and her cousin have changed that to a trip to Cancun and want me to go with them!!!  Ummm, that is quite the leap, no?  Going from "hell yeah, you can stay at my place, the trip won't hardly cost you more than the plane ticket!!  We will go see the sights and catch up and have fun!!!"  to "We're looking for a good deal to go spend a week or so in Cancun, you are totally coming with us!!!"  Um, er, uh.....this Squaw can't even afford the hundred bucks for the passport, much less the God knows how much for the trip!!!!  Hahahahahaha.

Summer trip plans, aborted.  Hehe

Well, unless they come across one INCREDIBLE deal, that is.

Not too much to say today.  Need to go make my oatmeal so I can take all my meds that upset my stomach no matter what I try.  Ugh.

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  1. You don't want to go to Mexico right now anyways. You may never come back. Too dangerous.