Friday, February 25, 2011

You Are Welcome

To the lady that was in front of me in line at the Family Dollar yesterday:

You had some mighty impressive diamonds on those fingers.

You had some mighty fancy clothing and shoes on that overly tanned body.

That tan was about 10 shades too dark, time to lay off the tanning bed honey.  It's unnatural looking.  There are probably therapy groups for that kind of addiction.

And I have to tell you, the overly streaked hair is none too flattering with that particular color of fake bake.  You need to have your stylist adjust the color wheel on that one.  Your hair clashes with your skin.  Gross.

The fake nails you had on may have been pretty, had they not been so ridiculously long that you couldn't even function with them.  I mean, you nearly dropped your IPhone 4G at least three different times, and could barely manage to pull your LoneStar Card out of your fancy wallet.

Yes, I said LoneStar Card.

You are so welcome, from all of us that go out there and work our asses off every single day to pay the taxes that pay for your free money on that LoneStar Card every month, while you bake your white trash ass in the tanning beds and sit and have your ugly f*cking nails done every couple of weeks.

B*tch, you are part of the problem.

 You either NEED the assistance of our tax paying dollars to feed yourself and your children, in which case I am happy to work my ass off and hand my tax dollar to you, hell I'd even cook dinner for you myself....OR, you DON'T NEED assistance because you can obviously afford diamonds and fancy clothes and fake nails and fake hair and fake tans and fake tits and that fancy truck you got into after you finished boiling my blood.

You can't be both.  It's one or the other.


The huddled masses.

***Edit here....forgot to mention that our hard earned tax dollars that she gets for free were spent on a huge bag of the individually packaged chips, like for lunches.  I never could afford that kind of convenience all the years I packed lunches for my girls.  All the rest of the crap in her buggy was junk food as well.  Super duper.

Yeah, I have a serious issue with this.  I really don't care if you don't agree.  I work two jobs and pretty much always have, to make ends meet and take care of what needs taking care of.  One of the jobs I used to work was in a little grocery store.  I had a couple that came through every week, meth heads.  The gal would tell me what order to scan her groceries through in because she could get her plastic wrap and stuff covered by LoneStar if it was scanned through just right.  The husband bought hamburger by the uber pounds, because "Goddammit, bastards won't pay for dog food, but they'll pay for hamburger, so that's what I feed him!!".  They also bought a couple of cartons of ciggs each week.  Trash.


  1. Amen Sister!!!

    Not much more can be added to this rant of yours!

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  3. Someone's been taking blogging lessons from Silicone Alley!

  4. I just found your blog last week, and I have to say I love it!! You think you rant but this blog entry is right on! You go girl! I am in a different state, but nothing pisses me off more than to be behind someone at the grocery store,that has a buggy full of junk food,and stuff that I couldn't afford to buy for my kids and turn around and pay with food stamps.I guess when someone else pays for all of your want NOT needs while you sit on your ass,because you can't work or really just don't want's easy to have the nice clothes,vehicle,new phone. I'm with you on this one...

  5. My daughter works at WalMart & attends college. She would qualify for food stamps but she's too proud. She can now tell which ones have a Lonestar card before they pull it out. It's all junk food and they are extremely over-weight.
    Michelle Obama needs to go after the "approved" food for food stamps & get all the junk outta there.

  6. Anonymous 12:15..... Tell your daughter she is amazing and you raised her right!! Thank you both :)