Monday, February 14, 2011

Church Skirts and Workout Shoes

So, Papoose #1 came home Friday night for a visit and was supposed to get to stay till Sunday.  I was stoked, because I had Friday night off and was scheduled to work the early shift on Saturday, so was looking forward to spending a couple of evenings with her. She had a late class so got home late Friday night.   I made her favorite dinner on Friday night, and we sat around the table eating and visiting, it was nice.   Then she told me she had some concert tickets for Saturday night back near school and would be leaving Saturday.  I was sad.  No Saturday evening for us.  Bummer.  I miss her.  She was gone before I got home from work.

Papoose #2 went to work with me on Saturday and after I got off we stopped by Ross because she needed a new skirt for church.  We also wandered through the shoe section.  I have a really hard time finding shoes I can wear, other than flip flops.  I wore high heels for so many years that I sorta jacked my feet up and have I guess what you'd call bunions, idk.  The bones on the ball of my foot hurt really bad in most enclosed shoes.  Anyhow, I always try on random shoes when I find them cheap, and I happened to try on a black pair of tennis shoes.  Always on the lookout for those.  Need them for Job#2.  They were SO comfortable!!  Actually fit and were comfortable.  So, at ten bucks, I bought them.  Papoose #2 tells me 'good for you, mom, you got you some of those shape up type shoes!'  Uh, they are?  Ok so I guess they are, groovy.  I just know they fit and they are SO comfortable.  No wonder I kept feeling like I was going to fall off of them when I stepped backwards, you know, that feeling where you tipped your chair too far back and you have that instant where you feel like you're gonna die?  Yeah, like that.  But then, I'm incredibly clumsy and uncoordinated, so I've been known to fall off of flip flops, for goodness sake.  Falling off of tennies isn't exactly a new thing for me.

Anyhow, I never thought those shoes worked and would certainly never pay the hundred bucks most of them cost.  But I'll tell you what, I wore those suckers to work yesterday and my legs and butt are SORE today!!!  Not gonna complain!!!  I do think it's funny though.  Of course, I'm easily entertained.

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  1. Awesome! Anytime anything makes your butt sore, you KNOW you've "worked out." To do it "on accident" is the bomb!!!!