Monday, February 14, 2011

Sometimes People Just Suck

That is the kitty I gave to the Real Deal about a year and a half ago.  Of course, she is much bigger now.  She is a manx kitty, no tail.  He works so much that a dog would be too much, but I wanted him to have some sort of company when he was at home, so I got him that kitty.  She plays fetch and is also an incredibly good guard cat.

He lives in a really crappy place right now.  He was supposed to get moved out by February first but some things happened where he had to put it off till March first.  His truck has been broken into right outside his place.  He has had major maintenance issues since he has lived there. He has been without water or sewer since just before the big freeze.  Staying in hotels alot.  When he went to complain about the lack of water and sewer AGAIN, finally the meth head maintenance guy showed up sometime yesterday and 'worked' on it.  When TRD got home from work at almost midnight last night, he finds out that he still has no water or sewer, and the guy flooded his little place, including his mattress.  Soaked.  No dry blankets or bed.  Something was also done to his kitty.  She is missing.  She is protective of the house, and we're thinking he got pissed at her and did something to her.  She has gotten out of the house before and never goes far, always home in the yard.  This time she is nowhere to be found.

People suck.  It's taking everything I can do right now not to leave work and go run someone over with my car.  Not joking.

Also this morning, after I dropped Papoose #1 off at school I was waiting my turn to get onto the main road when someone flew through the intersection and cut the corner, completely running over the school zone sign, and I don't mean hit it or winged it, they RAN IT OVER with their whole car.  The top part of the sign flew off and hit the ladies car that was in line behind me, really messed it up.  The person that hit the sign took off like a shot and didn't even stop.

Yesterday on my way to Job#2 I was on 820 in stop and go traffic like it gets there by the Rufe Snow exit, and saw a car rear end a man in a very nice vehicle.  They then zipped off to the right across the grassy area and off to a side road and took off.

I mean, what kind of people DO these things????  My God, how horrible are people???


  1. Ugh, hit & runners are the worst!

    So sorry to hear about Real Deal's home & truly disheartening. Hope Kitty finds her way back.....=(