Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Horny, Medicated, and Dyed Some Shade of Red

Saw the doc for the results of the blood work on Friday.  Should have only been a 30 minute visit but ended up there for almost two hours.  Gave me meds for the bacterial infection I've got going on in my lungs that's making me hack so much I don't know how these poor people that have to work with me haven't murdered me yet.  Also put me on some other meds to see if we can correct some seriously out of whack levels.  One of the meds he put me on is testosterone.  THAT should be interesting, heehee.  He said "look at it this way, one of the great side affects of this will be increased libido!!"   Uh, yeah, I have a husband who's a whack job as*hole, and a boyfriend that works so much I only see him when I am at work with him.  So there I'll be, all dressed up and no place to go, so to speak  O_o.

All in all, I am on 6 different meds right now.  Some are temporary, some not.  I go back in a couple of weeks to have the lungs checked and some time after that to do the bloodwork again to see how all these happy pills are affecting everything.  If we don't get this sh*t in check, I'm going to end up on diabetes meds too.

Why are so many bed head boards made to look like tombstones????  Especially king size ones, like I will buy one day when I have the dough.  Ugh.

So, went to Lewisville to get my hair done did on Friday after work.  He grabbed me, stuffed me in a comfy chair, said "Cinnamon or Nutmeg" so I thought we were just chatting it up and said "Ummm Nutmeg???" and he started painting crap on my head and putting foil all over the place.  We did not have any discussion about anything, he just got down to business.  Before I knew it, my hair was a completely different color and although he shaped the ends just a tiny bit and got rid of some splits, I still basically had all my length left.  He did a great job, I'm just still deciding if I like it or not.  Only problem I have is, my hair is incredibly fine and thin, and I really wanted the chance to discuss a cut with him that would give me some fullness and make it so I can actually DO something with it other than wear it stick straight or up in a pony tail, which is sorta where I'm at still.  He was having a bad day though, which I understand, and really wasn't into communicating.  Maybe in a couple months we can discuss a cut that I want.  When I went to pay him he informed me that my day of beauty had been covered by my dear sweet angel of a friend.  How cool is THAT?  Holla, girlfriend!!!  ;-)   I was so shocked that I gave him forty bucks as a tip.  I've not ever had anyone cover something like that, and don't have the first clue about etiquette on things like that!!!

On the way out of Lewisville my phone died.  I don't mean ran out of battery, I mean gasped it's last breath and went black.  I attempted to resuscitate, but to no avail.  Rest well, friend, you were a good phone.

Problem is, I stopped by Best Buy to get another phone and Sprint has my account all jacked up and shows I am not due for an upgrade yet.  I beg to differ.  I KNOW when I got my phone, and still have the receipt.  So there I am in Best Buy, on the phone with Sprint for almost an hour, only to find out that the correction to my account requires a manager, and managers don't work on the weekends.  The best I could get was a supervisor, and they don't have the access to make such corrections.  Yay.  I was HOT.  But I really didn't feel well enough to really raise hell, so I went home instead.  I haven't had a phone since Friday night, right after I got my hair done did.  I'm not sure when I will bother to get one at this point.

Traffic was so bad on the way back that I decided to pop in and say hi to The Real Deal.  I was unsure about the hair and of course he just kept telling me how beautiful I looked.  He is a good guy.  Even though I was sorta foul because of the jacked up traffic and my phone dying, he was his usual sweet attentive self and toned my bitchiness down to a dull roar.

When Mister Wonderful saw my hair the next morning he said "WTF did you do to your hair?????  Your only redeeming qualities were that you had big boobs and blond hair, now look what you've done"  Uh, thanks buddy.

He sure isn't going to benefit from the happy pills the doc put me on, I can tell you THAT much.  As*hole.

I've bored you enough for now.  I'm out.




  1. Im still laughing......Hey, next time I will change your hair color for forty bucks. I might even do it for 35. They sell they dye at Walmart, and it can't be much harder than painting my welding trailer, and I could always use the extra money. Win Win

  2. Yeah Corner, then we what? Wait till daylight to see how it all turned out?? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    And you can keep your possessed damn grinder away from me, too!!!! heehee