Wednesday, February 23, 2011

HuMp DaY

My cousin sent me a picture he took of Superman walking around Phoenix.  Evidently SM had just popped in to the local drug store.  Funny sh*t.

Awwww, Jar loved the post I put up for him.  Such a big softie  ;-)  heehee.  Gotta love poking Jar with a stick every once in awhile.

My new hair color is growing on me.  Papoose #2 still does a double take every time she sees me.  MW is having fun making up different crappy things to say about it.  So I guess it's entertaining for the whole family.

I like having a seasonal basket of candy on my desk for the people I work with.  Makes me happy to see them smile and dig through there for whatever their favorite treat is.  Need to get some of the little mini dum dum suckers though, those are a major favorite for a couple people and they didn't have any Easter themed ones at the store yesterday.

Made the most incredible marinated flank steak for dinner yesterday.  The marinade is officially my new go to home made bbq sauce.  Could have just tipped a cup of that stuff up last night.  So good.  Took every bit of will power I've got to leave the leftover steak in the fridge for MW, I really wanted to bring that for lunch.

Being stuck behind jerk offs who are paying more attention to talking on their cell phone than they are to driving their car really pisses me off.  Look, as*hole, nobody is impressed that you have a cell phone.  Every homeless person and three year old in America has one.  Now shut the f*ck up and drive the damn Honda Civic, will ya?????

Papoose #2 and her buddy had their early morning meeting again this morning.  Evidently it will be every Wednesday.  So much for me thinking it was every couple of weeks.  At least Romeo was actually awake and ready when we got there today haha.  We got stuck behind a bus on the way in.  That bus stopped every 25 feet to pick kids up, swear to God I am not exaggerating.  Now, I'm sorry, but the bus did NOT do that sh*t when I was a kid.  We had to walk to a gathering spot called a BUS STOP and all of us got on the bus in groups.  I cannot believe I watched that bus stop every 25 feet, sometimes even more often.  F*cking ridiculous.  Then there was the trashy woman who waited in her car at the stop, literally THREW her little tiny girl on the bus, couldn't have been more than a few years old so idk why the little thing was being deposited on a bus anyhow, the whole time the  trashy mother is yapping on her cell phone.  Then I watched her get back in her car and drive probably 50 feet up the driveway to her trailer.   Seriously?  Gorgeous weather and the bus picks your kid up 50 feet down your driveway and you're going to DRIVE it? Not to mention that when I was behind the bus, it was less than half a mile from the school.  Umm, spend some time with your kid and put the effort out to drive her to school maybe?  Idk, don't mean to judge, but  the way she threw that sweet baby around.  On the phone the whole time.  People disgust me sometimes.

Done b*tchin for now.  Gotta get to work.  Rocking out to 80's music on Yahoo music, loving it.


  1. In the words of Jar, "Eff MW!" F*cker. I'll bet it looks great. James made my highlights dark blonde a couple of visits, darker than my natural blonde. I was, uh, sad/unhappy....then I got used to them & realized that they made the ol' hair look better around my winter-white face. lol

    I feel the same way you do about people and stupid cell phones. Aggravates the HELL out of me when someone's phone rings in a meeting, church or the check-out line and they just "have" to answer it. Wtf? Is it the President? It can't wait? Ugh.

    Geez, I was all happy-skippy until I read this post and got all

  2. Leave it to The Angry Squaw to jack someones day up and make em all cranky ;-(

  3. Ah hell, I've been Skippy, back to Cranky and rockin' Skippy again since then! It's me, GF. All me. =)