Monday, February 28, 2011

Some Words

Wow, amazing.  He was kind of a hottie when he was younger, too, hehe.  Godspeed, Mister Buckles.

I've never liked Christian Bale, but I do want to see The Fighter.  The fact that he is in it is what has kept me from seeing it so far.  He just irks me for some reason.  He seems like he would be a real prick in real life.  He gives me the skeezies.

I have a friend that is insanely involved and addicted to this.  Goes to all kinds of these festivals, some lasting a weekend, others lasting weeks.  Dresses and talks the part.  Hangs out with other crazy people that all think they are pyrates and pyrate whores.  Yes, that's how they spell it.  He was yammering on about it one time and I texted back something and wrote 'pirate' and he immediately corrected me. Uh, ok, duly noted.  Hahaha.   Wild and crazy group.  Spend their time in between festivals making costumes and weapons.  He really does all of the fire ball throwing, etc.  Crazy shit, man.

I still don't hardly have any eyelashes.  That sucks.  I may have my issues, but having decent eyes was always something I could count on.  Not anymore, not since I got sick.  Dang it all.  Wonder if any of that expensive lash crap works.  Not that I'll ever spend the money to find out.

Have to take Papoose #2 to the doctor at lunch today.  School sent home a note to all the kids about what immunizations they need before they will be allowed back in to school on March 1st.  Me being the spot on super mom that I am, forgot all about it till this morning.  We have had the note for a week.  Go me.  So today she goes to get her tetanus booster.  Yowzer.  I'll buy her a milk shake after, maybe that will help. Poor 'Poose.


  1. MOOOM!!!!!!! I didn't get any milkshake!!!! She lies!!! (juust kidding folks ;)) That sorta looks like a fat smiley with double chins...tehehe. So now my arm's killing me and i don't have a milkshake in my stomach....I'm abused haha :)

    Papoose #2
    P.S. Greetings bloggers, I come in peace

  2. 'Lo, Papoose #2! =)

    Squaw, don't be bummed -- I throw that shindig every year!

    And I have family that loves frequenting Scarborough Faire....a lot. My aunt has close friends that travel around, dressing the part, living the life. I don't get it. But then again, it's me saying that....


    Faux Black Swan ;-)