Friday, February 25, 2011

Sometimes I Hate Myself

I hate myself at that moment when I realize yes, this entire argument IS my fault.  Yes, I AM wrong.  Totally, utterly and completely wrong.

Not only wrong, but a hurtful mean b*tch.

And I hate myself even more when I realize that, and cannot/do not stop myself from being that way and making things worse.  I get mad at myself for being that way, but end up taking it out on whoever isn't deserving the whole thing to begin with.

Sometimes I just f*cking hate myself.

If I met me somewhere, sometimes I think I would hate me.

I don't even think therapy can help me.

I'm  a sh*tty person sometimes.

I'm sorry, TRD.

*tired sigh*


  1. Easy, easy now gal.....Take a deep breath!

  2. think most of us have been there.... okay, maybe not the guys... they're wired different than us... imagine that ha