Thursday, February 10, 2011

It's A Beautiful New Day!!

Good morning everyone, isn't it gorgeous outside???   Brisk, but absolutely stunning day!!  

Papoose #2 and I were very thankful for seat warmers this morning.  Nothing like toasty bunz to help you start your day with a smile  :-)

Not one, but THREE cars in a row pulled out in front of me this morning, then proceeded to putt along at 40 mph.  Silly people.

We still have water, yay!!  Keeping the heat lamp running in the super duper insulated pump house, as well as keeping water running from three faucets in the house.  Don't tell me it's overkill.  After last week, I'm all about overkill, haha.

Why do I always wear my glasses till they are so dirty I'm struggling to see out of them, going around squinting and straining my eyes forever, until my dumb as* finally goes "aha!!!  must clean glasses!!" ?  Geez.

My grandfather refused to ever use any towel more than once.  Not to dry his hands, body, after shaving, nada. At our house you use your towel a coupla times, you know?  Especially with two daughters that insist they need one towel to wrap their hair in and another to wrap their body in while they prance around trying to find socks.  Or whatever the h*ll it is they wander around doing after a shower.

That pie came out yummy.  I mixed some cream cheese with a little sugar and lemon juice and put that on the crust under the berries.  Pretty darn tasty.  And calorie free, of course  ;-)

Yep, it's a brand new beautiful day.  I hope everyone has a fantastic day.  Take care of yourselves and stay warm.  Corner, and anyone else that has to work out in this, take extra care to stay as warm as you can manage.

Thanks for reading, all.  Thanks for letting me vent and whine and b*tch and complain.

Good therapy.

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  1. You just got to keep rubbing it in about the damn pie don't cha?