Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Now It's My Fault We Are Getting More Snow?

Ok, so Mister Wonderful never bothers to take care of the house or cars or anything, right?  Everything is either up to me or on it's own and gosh I hope it all works out because it's too much of a pain in the ass to be a responsible man and take care of business.....whatever.

So, after the 'great freeze that never should have been' last week, I made sure to ask around at work and to anyone I thought could remotely help me figure out where it all went wrong.   I mean, I did everything I could think of to avoid losing water or having burst pipes, etc.  Left water running from every faucet, left cabinet doors open to let the house heat in, had heat lamps on in the well house, you get the idea.

Well, from talking to all of the men I work with, there are two camps of belief as to why my water froze up all of a sudden in the last little storm.........

Idea #1:   The little worthless spigot that is at ground level right outside the well/pump house was too exposed and froze up, causing the whole house to lose water.

Idea #2:  The spigot area where the water most likely enters the house is not insulated well where it comes up out of the ground, and that is where the freeze happened.

Either way, it was somewhere from the main water source that froze, because I had water running from every single sink in the house and they all ceased  to function at the very same time.

So, I text MW with the news of what I have learned from the men I work with, and he doesn't even acknowledge my text.  I call after I get off of work, asking him to make sure to bring hay bales or straw or something to use to help insulate these areas, because I wanted to do it, but I am in my little car and he took the explorer from me, so I have no way of picking the hay or straw up myself....he tells me that he is too busy to stop and bother with hay or straw.

Ok, so I am on my own in trying to avoid another freeze then.  Ok, I get it.  I am used to this.  This has been going on for 20 years now.

But dammit do I want to kill him.  So tired of his job, his moods, his irresponsibility, his lack of  concern with his home or family making it harder on me to figure out how to do everything.  Dammit!!!

He finally came home.  Cussing and will barely even listen to me when I try to tell him what the guys at work said may help us keep the house from freezing again.....slamming doors in my face while I am trying to explain what we need to do........and didn't show up with any hay or straw, and he's the one with the truck.  Bleh.

In the meantime, he had told me that he wanted salmon and salad for dinner, so I had made it....he wouldn't tell me when he expected to be home, so I had made the dinner and tried to short cook it so it wouldn't be too over done when he got here.

I am a dumb ass.

I need therapy in the worst way.  This is f*cking ridiculous.

It's like living with a pissy teenager that has power over your life.  Bleh.

Ok, I am done whining now.  I have to head outside and do something with my well house and the area of the house where the water comes in.

Like the peeps at work told me to do.

Sorry to bore everyone.

This should be interesting....heehee.

Come on LabPup, let's go do this thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. It's not boring to read....just wish we didn't have to...because we, I care....he's worse than worthless. That's all i'll say.

  2. get some old towels and a garbage bag.... wrap the towels around the exposed pipes then cover them with the garbage bags...

    i'm so sorry you are living this way.... you deserve so much better... no one should live in such a hostile home! bless your heart

  3. Obi, thank you sweets. My cheerleader :) Also my Uhaul driver.....snicker.

    Mess, thank you very much, I did use your advice in two spots out there. Funny thing, I kept thinking "dammit, these bags are SO EXPENSIVE to use for this!!" I am a total tightwad, yes? haha.

    This is only temporary....this is only temporary...this is only temporary......this is my year.....it's all good :)