Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Playing Hooky

That wind is brutal!!!  Was outside for like 10 minutes checking the pump house and the outside animals and nearly froze my hands off.   Papoose #2 borrowed my gloves a couple days ago and left them in her locker at school.  My other two pairs of work gloves are M.I.A.  Go figure.  So there I was trying to cover some stuff up, and I'm out there in yellow rubber gloves, just to cut the wind.  I must have looked like a loon!!

Didn't bother to go in to work today, since I couldn't tell what the weather might do and didn't want to end up stranded in there, having to drive home with a bunch of yahoos on the road.

I received an email yesterday that made me laugh, cry and say a prayer of thanks all within the 15 seconds it took me to read it.  I am amazed at the simple kindness of some people.  I want to try harder and harder every day to be so thoughtful and selfless.  Thank you, friend.  You know who you are.  You rock, seriously.

I have to admit that there have been times that I've felt envy for women who get to stay home and take care of their house and make a home and raise their kids.  I always wanted to be able to do that, and never have been able to.  I hate that I feel envy, I know it's wrong, but sometimes I just can't help it.

I love having days at home.  I could totally be a shut in and be ok with that, not even kidding.

I want so badly to simplify life.  Stop all the running around and stressing out.   Someday I will fix my life where I can have a nice little cabin in the woods, beautiful trees around.  Where I can enjoy my favorite hobbies and have time to just breath.  To hike.  To enjoy life without having to specifically carve time out to do so.  Someday I'm going to have that.

I used to be a 911 dispatcher.  Back when I still lived in California, where I was born and raised.  Did it for quite awhile.   Talk about stress.  The responsibility that goes along with that in enormous.  Especially in a crazy busy place like Monterey Bay California.  I was constantly terrified I would lose an officer, that was my biggest fear.  As a dispatcher, you have to know where your officer/paramedic/fire fighters are at all times.  When they are on a call or even worse, in a pursuit, especially a foot pursuit, I would handle the call all calm cool and collected, but inside I was terrified I would lose track of him and something would happen to him.  Between that and the horrific things people did to each other, listening to it when they would call in, and the children calling was too much for me.  Every person I worked with was addicted to something.  Major crutch users.   Horrifically unhealthy and stressed out people.   I mean, how can you not be?  Nobody calls 911 because they are having a good day.

Well, have to go get this pork roast marinating.  I have water this time, I can cook!!!!!   Happy Squaw!!!!

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  1. Keep that water going there girl! PORK ROAST....that sounds good. No, that sounds great. Rubber gloves don't do much good when it's this cold, or the winds blowing this hard, but you already know that. Stay in and keep the Papooses happy in the Tee Pee today!