Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Back The F*ck Off, B*tch!!!!

So I'm in charge of picking up the donuts for our monthly safety meeting at Job#1.  It never damn fails when I go in there, I wait my turn in line patiently, which is saying alot sometimes because some people have no idea that other folks don't think their children are nearly as freaking ADORABLE as they do while they stand there discussing every freaking donut in the case while other people stare at their watches, just wanting to get their sugar fix and get to work.....

Then, inevitably, it's my turn and I walk up and request one dozen glazed and one dozen chocolate, easy peasy lemon squeezy.  She throws the donuts in the boxes, expert donut slinger that she is, I pay and ATTEMPT to turn around to walk out of the store with my donuts and some dumb COW will be standing RIGHT ON TOP OF ME so I can't even turn away from the counter.

Now, just exactly how much of a f*cking hurry can you possibly be in to get your donut or piggie on, that you have to stand right on top of a perfect stranger??? That's what I want to know.

This morning it pissed me off so bad I actually said something.  Usually I just wait for them to move the hell out of the way so I can get away from the counter and  leave the store.  Today wasn't that kind of day.  This morning it was a "lady, I don't put out on the first date, now do you MIND backing the hell off of me???!!!" kind of day.

I'm sorry if that was rude, but damn, people just need to have better manners.

It would make life easier on the rest of us.  Those of us who go through life being gracious and minding our manners and being courteous to others.  So many people just don't have any class or manners anymore.

And they are raising sh*tty little rude turds that are going to be JUST LIKE THEM.

You see them all over the place.  You can't go anywhere anymore without having to deal with rude trashy people.

Last night, Papoose #2 and I were at IGA waiting patiently in line in the pharmacy line to pick up my medicine.  There was a gal in line in front of us, looked to be in her early 20's.  She had a litter of four with her, every one of them wreaking havoc and causing all sorts of chocolate and snot covered chaos on the store and customers around her.  There were several of us that kept glancing at each other in disgust and commiseration as we did our best to avoid being knocked over by the two boys that were fighting and kicking each other and cussing at the top of their lungs, evidently trying to draw first blood on each other.  The two younger ones were standing in the buggy with some sort of chocolate covered something smashed in their grubby little fists, pulling the cart along by grabbing the shelves of product that line the outside of the pharmacy, knocking things off and running over an elderly lady as they went.  The little boy in the cart was screaming "mommy I don't want my canny bar no more, I wanna kick ass with my brudders!!" over and over again.

This whole time, the mother is ignoring them while she signs whatever papers she needed to sign, hopefully to get the most heavy duty birth control pill known to mankind.  She would glance at them, do NOTHING to rein in the chaos, turn back and flirt with the pharmacist and keep writing on whatever she was writing on.  It was ludicrous.   There were displays being knocked around, people couldn't even walk through that isle, because the two older boys who were "kicking ass" as their little brother so eloquently put it, were thrashing around cussing and biting and kicking and punching on the floor there.

When they FINALLY left, leaving chocolate, snot and blood in their wake, Papoose #2 says, loud enough for all of the other customers and pharmacy techs to hear "man, if I would have even THOUGHT about behaving that way, my butt woulda been grass and my mom the lawnmower!!!!"  Many giggles all around.

Yep, the sh*t would have hit the fan and you can bet your sweet a*s that fan would have been on HIGH.

The pharmacist said that it's like that EVERY time she is in there.  Dear, Sweet Jesus.

Ok, I'm done now.


  1. I do hope those meds that you were picking up were HORMONAL in nature!


  2. Corner!!!! Don't you make me smack you around, young man!!! Hahaha

  3. You're beginning to scare me...