Monday, March 14, 2011


Not that anyone will be devastated or anything, but I don't have a whole lot to offer today.  I'm the only one in the office and also just don't have a lot of words today.

Working such late hours at Job #2, I see a lot of idiot behavior in vehicles, whether it's drunk drivers, road rage, racing or overly aggressive driving.  This is awful, but I'm surprised we don't see stories like this more often, with the amount of ignorant behavior there is out there.  Imagine, just going about your business, working your job, then BAM.  Horrible.

Seriously dude??  Man, if you can't get it without kidnapping someone, you need to hang it up.  Psycho ass.  That poor gal  :-(

We sell miscellaneous merchandise at Job #2 with our logo on it.  I had an older guy start yelling at me because the brand of golf balls we had in there were Nike brand and he won't play anything Nike!!! I mean to tell you, he was raising holy hell that we didn't have another brand of golf balls for him to buy.  I let him make an ass of himself for a couple of minutes before asking him just how specialized he felt a RESTAURANT needed to be in their golf ball marketing.  Asked him to line out a plan on exactly how detailed we needed to be about golf balls, when we sell tacos.  Some people just walk out of the house looking to be a jerk and pick a fight.  Really collapses their sails when you don't give them the fight they're itching for.  Jackwad.

The Real Deal is working so hard to get ahead and pave the way for us to have a future, that I hardly hear from him anymore.  I miss him terribly, and can't wait till we can get back to at least talking more often.  This is a rough road on the way to what will hopefully be a great future.  But man, I get pissy and feel sorry for myself sometimes.....he handles it well though.  More than once, he has said to me "baby, you can stop being a bitch any time now" always soft and sweet and with a smile on his face.  haha.  That boy just knows how to handle me, in more ways than one.

I like to listen to music on my computer, but hate the way one song is really soft then the next one will blast out so loud it scares the crap outta me, then the next one is so soft I can't hear it.  Just stay the same level already!!

Well, I need to get to work.  I'll find more stuff to bore you with later on.  Unlike a comment I recently had in an email, I do not "sit on the internet all day long"  ahem, thank you very much.

Later taters.

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  1. I heard about that kidnapping yesterday. Thank God they found her. Rumor is, she had denied his advances many times in the past. Hope he gets what he deserves.
    Horrible crash. And to think those guys on the sweeper were just trying to make a living and along comes two idiots........