Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Oh Yeah Baby


  1. I don't understand the lyrics. Cars, tracks,knees, hands, keys, screamin, dads.

    Please explain in such a way that my childlike brain can understand.

  2. Oh, I'm starting to get it after listening again. They were listening to the radio and heard a song they liked and got so excited about it they drove into a ditch and then dad came and puleed them out of the ditch and he was pissed.

  3. Well, Mister Corner, it's probably for the best that you don't understand.

    It's a very naughty song ;)

    I myself am a naughty girl, so it's one of my favorites. Rebellious sexuality, ah yes!!


  4. Hmmmm, maybe we need Jar to explain this to you. Mister Eloquent. Hahaha

  5. This is a song about two people having buck wild dirty ass sex in a car when they're not supposed to be together.

    They're effing like "animals." Then they get caught and try to escape the clutches of the girl's angry father.

    Simple as that right there.

  6. That was about as "Eloquent" as it gets!