Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Day After Hump Day But Before TGIF Day

Wow, I just read a conversation between Papoose #1 and one of her long time girlfriends.  They haven't seen each other for awhile and were just chatting catching up on things.  Her girlfriend married young and they were chatting about how happy she is and how she can't wait to get out of college and start having babies.  Papoose #1 was talking about careers and how she is looking forward to that time in life as well.  The fact that my baby is old enough to be involved in those kinds of conversations caused a mix of emotions that I cannot even describe.

As much as I love the convenience of the internet and all the fun technological gadgets we have nowadays, still, nothing beats curling up with a really good book.  Not an electronic reader, a real honest to goodness book.  That right there is something that will make me the most content, happy soul around.  I love the covers, the smell of them, the different type fonts, I love messing with the pages as I read.....I love it when I have the time to actually sit down and read.  Love it.  Papoose #2 is just like me in that regard.  She has been reading since she was tiny tiny still in her car seat.  I always had to be careful about what book I left in the backseat, I would look back there and her little not even in school yet self would be reading Patricia Cornwell or John Sandford...

I am working on REALLY remembering that everything is not all about me.  There are a lot of people out there struggling with things that I can't even begin to comprehend.

But sometimes it IS all about me, hehe.  Just as The Real Deal.  haha.

When someone shares something personal with me, I take it VERY seriously.  I think that sharing personal things, secrets, is like giving a gift.  You are handing your trust to someone, giving them your faith that you will hold that secret gently and quietly, and never tell a soul.  I take peoples trust in me seriously, and somehow that in turn makes me feel like a better, more capable person.  It's like, "wow, this person trusts me with their secrets, I must be a better person than I give myself credit for".

Pretty much everyone out there on the road today were idiots and morons.  Just like Corner said.

I try really hard to have patience with haulers, I do.  I try to let them in when they need it, back off when they are trying to maneuver, etc.  But man, when one of them is crawling up my ass tailgating, or pulls out 10 feet in front of me and crawls on at 20 mph, I want to pop a cap in a mo fo.

Wonder how all of Jar's dead fish are doing.  Stinnnnnnkaroonie.

I really want Job #2 to send me to Tahoe to scout out store locations.  But that won't happen, I don't think.  Way too many volunteers on top of that already.  Haha.  My luck, I'll get sent to Lodi for my vacation this year.

Stay outta jail everyone.

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  1. Some scientific-looking dude was out there in a little boat scooping some of the fishies up with a net yesterday.

    I haven't noticed any foul odors yet. I think the seagulls are feasting on the carcasses so hopefully it won't be a problem.