Tuesday, March 29, 2011

For Reals?

Well, thank God I gave Papoose #1 a car before this happened!!!!

I have only ever called the police on anyone one time.  When Mister Wonderful was stationed in Panama, at the canal, we had a party at our house.   He drank way too much and all of a sudden got all belligerent, insisting that he had seen me smoking cigarettes and making out with one of his buddies.  Umm, we had like 40 people at our house, and I was busy keeping track of our very young papoose and making sure everyone had food and music etc.  Anyhow, he got worse and worse till I had to send everyone home.  One guy stayed there with me, because by that time MW had picked up the still hot bbq and hurled it across the yard, pulled a door of the hinges, and had begun climbing the cinder block wall of the house, heading for the second story to get into a window.  Even though he had already torn the back door off.  By the time the military police arrived, he was standing in the front yard with the garden hose down his pants, singing "I Wanna Be An Airborne Ranger" at the top of his lungs.  I will never forget that whole scene, something straight out of a movie.  There was a coconut tree right behind him.  The look on those MP's faces could never be duplicated.  They really didn't know what to do with him.  By that time, he had forgotten what he was pissed off about and was happily hosing off his gonads for Lord knows what reason, singing his little heart out.  They ended up piling him into the car and taking him to his sergeants house for safe keeping.  When he woke up the next morning, he had absolutely NO clue why he was there.  Where were cell phones with video back then???  This story is what reminded me of that, for some crazy reason.

Oh, my........this should never be allowed.  This right here is at best child neglect, and at worst child abuse. God Almighty.

Ok, I'm  outta here again.

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