Friday, March 11, 2011

Freakin Friday

My mother used to love Gallager.  He's 64 now and it looks like he collapsed for unknown reasons while doing a standup show in Minnesota.  I still catch myself using snippets from his routines sometimes.  Like when he would talk about women being insane from pms, and he would flip his hair back and say "I don't knowwwww, it was a crazy day!!"  So silly.

Now this goes completely against the concept of survival of the fittest (read: smartest) freaking idiot.  You have GOT to be kidding me.  Stupid people should be spayed and neutered so they don't procreate.

The devastation in Japan is horrific.  There are absolutely no words.

I believe I mentioned I am dogsitting Satan Dog for my friend while she takes her mother to Arizona to visit her brother.  He arrived at the tepee around 11:00pm Wednesday night.  Yeah, the woman doesn't work and has zero concept of what it's like to keep rational hours.  Anyhow, this dog cannot be penned up in LabPups 1/4 acre dog yard, because he jumps the five foot fence.  So he has to be tied out on a cable.  Well, MW had put my cable away somewhere, so yesterday when I was leaving for work I couldn't find it.  Had to use one of those tie out chains, instead.  Yeah, he was loose by the time I got off of work yesterday.  I had to traipse around to all of my neighbors looking for him.  Every neighbor wanted to visit, because 'we never see you around anymore, you work so much!!!'  Finally find the retard and bring him back home.  Go out and get LabPup.  Chaos ensues as two hundred pound dogs expend energy that, if bottled, would make me a gazillionaire.

Also by the time I found the retard and got him back to the house, I didn't have time to drive out and see Papoose #2's track meet.  This did NOT make me a happy Squaw.  I missed it.  She had a meet that was close enough for me to drive to, and I missed it.  Over a stupid dog.  I cherish the time I have left with my kids, I resent things getting in the way of that.  20 years from now, that dog will mean nothing in my life, but being there, or not being there, for my kids will always be the most important thing.  Grrrrrrrrrr.

Papoose #2 got a third in the 400 and a second in the mile!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  YAY PAPOOSE #2!!!!!!!!!!!  Proud Squaw  :-)

Papoose #1 is carrying way too heavy of a class load this semester.  It would be okay, if she didn't have to work so many hours to pay her way through school.  As it is, she is not getting nearly enough sleep, because all she does is go to class, work, study and do homework.  Well, there was that midget wrestling thing, but that's another story.  Anyhow, she got to bed at 12:30 this morning, early for her, and was actually sleeping great (she suffers from horrible insomnia) and some yahoo got lit up and pulled the fire alarm.  Not only pulled the fire alarm, but set off some fire extinguishers as well.  So the fire alarm goes off at 3:30am and the kids are run outside with no jackets and kept out there while they check for fire, then vacuum all the fire extinguisher crap out of the dorm.  They got back in the dorms after 5:00am.

Another problem is, all of the dorm kids have to find other living arrangements for Spring Break, because they are not allowed to stay in the dorms.  She had it hooked up to stay in a friends room, but that happens to be a room in the apartment shared with her now ex boyfriend.  Ummm, back to no place to stay.  She found a spare couch to live on for the week at the last minute, but only has till 5:00pm today to get her things out of her dorm room before they lock it up for the break.  So, she had to skip her first class today to get her things packed and moved to her temporary residence before she had to get her butt to work.  Gets off at 4:00pm to head to another class at 4:15 and will be there several hours.  Poor kid.  She is on overload.  She is a bigger person than I, I could never do all that she is doing.  No way, no how.

It's going to be quiet around Job #1 next week.  Everyone is taking parts of the week off.  MW took the week off as well.  I hope everyone has a fun and safe week.

That's all I've got for now.  I'll find a fun song to get stuck in all of your heads here in a minute.  I have some work to do for now.

TGIF, Mo Fo's!!!!!

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  1. Gongrats to the tribe.
    Silly dog.
    Even sillier you for keeping it!