Monday, March 28, 2011

Happy Monday, My Friends

We had a Portuguese Water Dog out on the patio at Job #2 this weekend.  It was the most adorable thing, and the most gorgeous cappucino color with white feet and chest.  Fluffy cute overload.  Meant to snap a picture of him, but kept getting sidetracked and never did.  Dang it.

Speaking of doggies, there is a new addition to the tepee.  Little tiny male chihuahua dog.  He stands only three inches high and his entire body is only about 6 inches long, stem to stern.  Adorable.  Baby anythings have always been my responsibility around the tepee, not so this time.  This time it was Mister Wonderful's doing to bring the lil fella in, so he has been handling the hassle of puppyhood himself all weekend.  Puppy came into the house Friday night and I worked all weekend.  Have to give props to MW, he did a pretty good job of it and never  bitched once.  So far.

The last small puppy I had around the house, I had to leave in MW's care for all of three hours.  In the middle of the third hour, I received a text from MW asking if we have any mineral oil around the house.  I ask why did he need mineral oil.  He says well the back of the box says that is really the only safe way to safely remove a puppy from a sticky rat trap.  You know, the huge ones that are like 12" long?

Yeah, so the fact that the current lil fella made it through the weekend in tact and not twitchy is saying something, hence the props to MW.

Of course, if that puppy doesn't learn to sleep at night instead of whining all night long, I may kill him, but that's another blog entry entirely.

I had the BEST time Saturday at Job #2!!!!!!!  I got to meet Mess in person.  The second we sat down we started chatting it up like we'd known each other forever.  It was freaking greatness.  She brought Coach and this other huge slab o manhood with her that they swore is a high school student, but damned if he didn't look like some NFL player cruising through the place.  HUGE dude.  Mess and Coach are the absolute neatest funniest people you could ever hope to meet.  They need to get their asses moved up to my neck of the woods asap!!!!   I've met some very cool people through this blog world, and don't you think I'm not aware of just how lucky and blessed I am for that.

And I got to introduce The Real Deal to them.  He got back from a meeting just before they were leaving.  Bonus!!!

I'm figuring up a plan on how to get some of us together as a group for some grub and beer or something.  What a riot.  Makes me mad all over again that I missed the last shindig I wanted to meet everyone at.

Did I mention yet that Papoose #1 died DYED (I cannot believe I actually typed and posted that typo yesterday, ugh) a major part of her hair purple?  Well, she did.  Oy.

Papoose #2 will be turning 15 in a week or so, and seems to want to do something laid back for her birthday like Main Event or something like that.   We stopped by a place called Itz Family Center or something like that, to check out the pricing etc, and it was RIDICULOUS how expensive it was.  I mean, I would be willing to pay a little bit, if the kids had unlimited time to play on all the games and stuff, but 25.00 per person for AN HOUR??  Seriously??  So I was going to look into like the place in Ft. Worth that has putt putt and go carts and some games etc, see if that is any more reasonable.  Idk.  Ideas on this are very welcomed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. We had a blast!! You are an amazing woman and I'm honored to have met you... I can't wait until we see you guys again... You and I could get into some trouble me thinks ha!

    If you plan a get together you had better count us in!!!!

  2. Triple "oy!" Purple??

    I'll bet you did have fun with Sherri & the Coach....they sound like a fun crew. =)

  3. We are having a sock hop in a couple of weeks!!! :)))

    The place you are talking about in Fort Worth is called Incredible Pizza. It's a great place, it can be a little pricey depending on the size of your party. Ours usually top 60 guest so I may not be the best judge of price since we can't have a destination party anywhere without it costing at least $450!!!!!