Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Happy "There BETTER Be Some Humpin Goin On Today", Day

Oh my, I think my meds have me all wonky today.  Doc added a new one after our visit yesterday.  Not sure about all this.   I could barely remember to take the ones he had me on before.  And he talked about trying something else too. I was like "Whoa there buddy, until a few weeks ago, I refused to take Advil unless I thought I was dying, ease up on the Dr. Feelgood rush, ma man!!"

I gained three pounds from the last visit I had there a month ago.  I am a bad bad girl.  I tried to tell him it was because I had to pee really really bad.  He wasn't buying it.

Ok, anyone out there that even GLANCES at this damn blog, listen up!!!!  IF YOU KNOW ANYONE THAT HAS ANYTHING TO DO WITH THE CHICO SCHOOL SYSTEM IN ANY WAY SHAPE OR FORM, PLEASE PM ME AND LET ME KNOW ASAP.  I'm not joking.   Do it.  Do it now.  I will kiss you and buy you dinner if you can help me with something that's going on.  I swear I will.

Papoose #2 has been asking myself and her sister to please take her to get her hair cut.  Some layers put in or something, some shape to it.  It has been growing out from a short little bob for like a year now.  She needed it.  We of course kept blowing her off, not on purpose, but from lack of time.  Ok, we could have put more effort into it, I admit.  Shame on us.  Well, yesterday after school as she was waiting for me to finish up at the doc and come pick her up, she took matters into her own hands and went to a place in town and had it done herself, with her money she has earned from working Job #2 with me.  She was excited about the cut, which looked adorable, but more so about the fact that that is the first really adult thing she has done all on her own, with no assistance from either myself or Papoose #1.  It was fantastic listening to her say that.  Miss them being young and all mine, but so love watching them grow and mature into the AMAZING women they are becoming.

I was pissy with The Real Deal yesterday and last night.  I felt I was being ignored and I was pissy.  I can't quite decide if I had a real reason to be pouty, but I think I did.  Anyhow, he spoils me with how he is to me, and he is so busy lately trying to get everything all set up that sometimes he's a tad too busy to give me the attention I'm used to from him.  That's not to say he ignores me, he never does that.  That is to say that I'm spoiled and get all pouty if I need more attention than he is able to give sometimes.  So yeah, that's on me.  Nevermind, we aren't talking about this anymore.  Hahaha.  Thanks for being there guys and helping me talk myself through that one.  Free therapy right there.

My hair itches.  I think these meds are making me more crazy, because I could swear my hair itches right now.  Wtf?

I have to go now.  There is no telling what I might type at this point.

Bye, all.  Have a fabulous day. I'll chime in later when I have time.

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  1. yeah! chico! anyone? please?!

    your hair itches?

    i bet papoose#2's hair is cute! can't wait to see it... they grow up so incredibly fast don't they?

    and one final thing.... never... never...ever forget that you are the queen! ha! i tell coach that always.... i deserve every ounce of attention he has to give .... ;)