Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Humpin It

I'm incredibly frustrated with myself for not having the willpower to get back in shape and eat right.  It's like I'm possessed, or something.  I have never had this issue before.  It's always been that I decide to do something, and I just do it.  Not so anymore.  I am really starting to get pissed off at myself.  I wish I could just get hypnotized or lap banded or something, to take the choice of making bad decisions away.  I dream of being locked away at some fat camp somewhere where I am forced to work out and eat right, until it becomes a natural habit again.  Save me from myself.

One of the guys that has been made manager at Job #2 is a nice enough person, but a tremendous pain in the ass as a manager.  He thinks he has to micromanage every step I take.  He is one of those people that is a know it all to begin with, and as soon as they made him a manager he started acting like he owns the place.  It's absolutely infuriating.  I will be talking to a customer or another employee, and he will literally butt right in, vocally and physically.  If I am doing something, he will come hang over my shoulder and ask what I'm doing.  And if The Real Deal and I are talking or sitting down to eat or trying to just have some time together, he will hunt us down and do everything in his power to take over the conversation.  I'm about to sic CTM on him and let her get all stabby.  I'm not the only one that's ready to kill him, either.  But I am the only one in a position to tell him off.  I finally did.  In  a nice way.  No, really.  He had been nipping at my heels all night and when I finally sort of clammed up to keep from saying anything in front of anyone that somebody (not me) might regret, and he walks up to me and says "WTF are you pouting about now??  It's totally obvious"  I asked politely if I could please have a word with him in private.  I explained to him that I was not 'pouting', I was saving someone (not me) from a tremendous amount of embarrassment.  I went on to explain, in my most diplomatic voice, that not only is he not my boss now, he never has been and he certainly never will be.  I explained to his little brain that within the next couple of years, I will own the restaurants that he feels like he is cock of the walk in right now, and if he didn't back off and quit pissing me off, I could fully guarantee that he would not be working there as a cook, much less a manager.  I told him that I had thus far never pulled rank on anyone, never had any reason to, but that he had pushed me too far.  We shall see how that goes.  The guy really is an ingrained prick, so we shall see.

There is a guy at Job #1 that, in the three years he has worked here, has no called no showed at least a dozen times that I know of.  He has never once been punished for it.  He has a key role here, so that when he pulls this it really messes up our system of getting customers issues taken care of in the shop.  It really pisses me off that he gets away with it, because you can bet your sweet ass, if one of us two girls here in the office pulled that shit, we would be outta here without the courtesy of a reach around.

Anyone know of a decent bone yard for BMW's and all the parts there of????

I get to meet a blogger friend on Saturday!!!!!   Soooooooooo beyond excited.  I wonder if my ass will look bigger in person than it does on this here blog???  Hmmmmmm..........

I've got a repayment plan worked out with the mortgage company so I can get all caught up from the couple times I was made late by you know who not throwing in his part.  Now THAT makes me sleep better, I can tell you that much!!

I want to go to the zoo.  I've not been to a zoo in years.  Which one is the best to go to around these here parts??

Good hump day on ya, all.  Get after it.


  1. san antonio zoo is the best in texas!!!

    and please, not another word about your ass.... ha! i'm so happy to come meet up with you! it's gonna be great! and food is involved even... woo hoo!

    that manager guy you described? he sounds exactly like my ass of a boss.... he has taken the wind right out of my sails and crushed my desire to remain in public safety... that's bad.

    such is life....

  2. Fort Worth Zoo is the best in this area.

  3. I'm with Chele -- Ft Worth Zoo is amazing. When they adopted the "natural habitat" mantra years ago, they kicked ass in making it happen. Ft Worth makes Dallas Zoo look like animal prison. :-(

  4. Are you looking for BMW parts in TX, or you willing to go mail order?

    Just recently came across your blog, and I think you are a riot! Absolutely funny. Keep up the great blog...