Tuesday, March 29, 2011


My left boob hurts like a sumbitch today.  And no, it's not from anything fun, either.

Papoose #2 is way sick.  Poor Poose.

I can't drink hard liquor, breaks me out in the most ridiculous red raised rash.  Gross.  This is so sad, because I have some things that I thoroughly enjoy using a little coconut rum for, on occasion.......but alas, beer is the only poison I can drink whenever I do imbibe.

I have foggy head today, like medicine head, or like I'm hung over....not so.  Weird feeling though. Bleh.

Papoose #1 told Papoose #2 to try a certain hair styling product line several months ago.  After many futile wild goose chases searching for the stuff, we finally gave up, assuming Papoose #1 had lost her mind and was hallucinating  these wonder products.  Well, I finally found them, they are finally carrying them at Wally World.  Girls, I don't know if you have tried any of their stuff, but I'm telling you, IT WORKS.  I have very fine thin blond hair that has always been impossible to do anything with.  I can't take a curling iron to it and expect it to curl well, no matter what products I've tried.  If I do manage to get it to curl, it lasts mayyyyybe 10 minutes, if that.  Not so with this stuff.  Plus, most other products make my hair look greasy or crunchy or just gross, but this stuff makes my hair pay attention and follow orders and my hair is never sticky or crunchy or greasy.  I was amazed.  It't the "Not Your Mothers" product line.  This stuff is incredible.  I still had curls in my hair the next morning, from curling it for work the day before.  Stuff is cheap, too!!

I grew up in a hunting family.  But they never did the whole feed them corn all year then hide in a treehouse and shoot them thing.  They actually HUNTED the deer/moose/elk, whatever.  My first horse was one of my dads best hunting horses.  Those are hard to come by, by the way.   A horse is a prey animal.  Having one that will calmly let you shoot from their backs and carry out a deer or elk carcass for you is a treasure.  Loud sounds and the smell of blood is something they tend to want to get far away from as fast as they can.  Anyhow, was amazed to learn about the "hunting" practices here in Texas after we moved here.

I really need to figure out where to take Papoose #2 for her birthday get together.  Ugh.

Safety meeting today here at Job #1.  Made it through the donut shop gauntlet with nary a boob touching my back.  Yay.

Was supposed to meet an old friend at GoGo Gumbos yesterday after work.  Note to self, GoGo's is closed on Mondays.  We were ticked.  We had to settle for that swill at Dos Chilis.  Uber gross.  Their food just is not as good as it used to be.    Besides, I work at a freaking mexican restaurant, and every damn time I actually get to go out and eat, or someone brings something back for lunch, what kind of food is it??? Freaking mexican.  Lordy.

You know how some days you just want to be left alone and have some quiet time with nobody bothering you??  Yeah, I'm needing one of those days, really bad.  But I work literally seven days a week, and have tons of stuff going on with Papoose #2 etc in the evenings, and I just never get any time to just 'be'.  Sometimes I just don't want to have to talk to anyone or listen to anyone or have to be nice and polite to anyone.  With both jobs people are in my face constantly.  I HAVE to interact with people constantly, it's not optional.  Usually I'm ok and keep on keepin on.  But every once in awhile I just want to be left the hell alone for awhile and not have to smile and play nice.

I'm loving the rainy weather.  You all can thank me for the rain, by the way.  I went to the car wash and sprayed the hell out of the jalopy yesterday after work, before I met my friend for our dinner.  I know that every time I wash my car, we will get some kind of wet weather, so you are welcome.

Have a good Tuesday, all.  I need to get some more work done now, and I've bored you enough.


  1. i have always said what the menfolk do here is NOT HUNTING... it is called baiting and killing... i often times compare hunters around her to Sybil's mother... ever watch that movie? she tricks Sybil into coming to get a cookie or candy then when Sybil finally falls for it... the mother hauls off and kicks her in the face or some other horrific thing....

  2. oh, and what the heck did you do to your left boob?????