Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Hump Day Has Taken On A Whole New Meaning Since Starting These Meds

So, after the fiasco with the idiots at the electric company, I go by and pick up the goat crack and head home to make dinner.  No sooner do I get the chicken breasts pounded out and seasoned than the electricity goes out AGAIN!!!!!   I call in, this time it's a legitimate power outage.  Seriously?  Ugh.  Put the chicken back in the fridge and hope it doesn't last all night, because I have laundry to do.   And I'm spoiled and want my damn electricity on.

After hanging up with the electric company I actually fumbled around in the dark trying to plug my phone into the charger, because the battery was really low.  Yes, I screwed around for a couple of minutes trying to see in the dark to plug a cell phone into a charger plugged into the wall of a house that had no electricity.  Yep, sure did.

Papoose #2 and I shot some hoops then took LabPup for a nice walk down the road.  I was a bad mommy and when Papoose #2 got startled by something scurrying along next to us in the bushes, I started talking about if there was enough moon showing through the clouds for werewolves to be out or not.  Bad mommy, bad bad mommy.

Power was back on around 8:15 or so, made some kick ass chicken and parmesan pasta with cauliflower.  Did the eat in front of the tv thing while Papoose #2 watched Hellboy.  Interesting movie.  I have seen bits and pieces of it a hundred times, and never the entire thing.  Whatever shall I do?  *rolling eyes*

Someone very close to me racked up three DWI's within nearly as many years.  This happened seven years ago.  The punishment that went along with that last one is probably what saved his life.  While he sat in jail for a year after the third one, he was able to find the man that he was before he caught his wife cheating and allowed himself to crawl into the bottom of a beer can.  After a year in jail he finally went to trial, was given 10 years probation and all of the things that come along with that.  He has been 100% sober since the night he was arrested seven years ago, and is one of the most incredible people I've ever met.  He is incredibly kind, patient and generous.  Highly intelligent and creative.  I am so very thankful that he made it through his dark time alive and whole.  Now, part of the after party of a felony DWI is community service.  He has done some here and there, different places they send him to.  His most recent 'adventure' is with the mounted police.  In their stables.  Does it make me a bad person to have giggled when he called, mortified, and announced that he would be shoveling shit??  Because man, I'm telling you, I laughed my ass off!!!  Heck, for some of us, that's just a daily chore around the house.  For a city boy like him, it's the third level of hell.  He didn't complain, but he was way freaked out.  All I had to offer was "well, look at it this shit doesn't smell nearly as bad as dog or cat shit!!!"  He was not reassured.

My meds are definitely kicking in.  I'm walking around like a teenage boy with a Sears catalog propped open to the bra section.

Nobody is safe.

Question:  Someone pees hot on a drug test.  They are still in their probationary period.  Do you let them go, or give them another chance?


  1. i'm with your friend... shoveling shit is just awful! but it's nice to hear he is doing well and staying sober. i have some sobriety issues with someone in my family and at times it seems she is doing well but then i get word she's fallen off the wagon... again....

    as for the drug test.... depends on how many chances have already been given... and what was the drug (to me that makes a difference)....

    glad your meds are working!

    and don't you just hate it when someone else fucks with your money and naturally, it's never their fault? these companies NEVER makes mistakes... whatever

  2. Werewolves, man thats just cold....poor kid.
    Have had issues with alcohol all my adult life, quit cold turkey 2 years ago. Now if I could just do that with food.
    In the trucking world, one bad test and the company has to let you go (insurance issues) and it goes to the DOT. If they refuse a test, same thing, termination and reported to DOT. I if the employee comes to you before the test, you can send to a program ( I think without the DOT report) and keep them employed.
    To a horse lover the stable duty in nothing but to a city slicker I can see where he would feel like it was punishment. haha

  3. I have a very strong opinion about the drug test thing. The person has and knows their responsibility to stay clean for the job. If they can not stay clean what else are they going to do?

    I have to disagree with Sherri. A drug is a drug no matter what.

    I have a family of drug users and that could be why I have such issues with it.

  4. I don't disagree with the it if it is a prescribed drug and said drug was reported to have been in your system prior to the test. I ALWAYS let them know about my BP and Diabetes meds, whether or not that they are tested for.
    I agree with drug testing and random drug testing. Not to mean that I am far more superior to any other job that someone may hold, but in my line of work, I depend a lot on the other guy to CMA cover my ass, and he does me also. If I can't trust him or for them to be drug free and of sane mind, get them out of here in any way possible.
    We joke a lot on here about other drivers. I've personally witnessed truck drivers high, driving down the same roads that we do, with our kids in the vehicle right beside us. Drug test them regularly, every month, heck every week. I don't care, if it saves my life or someone elses. If drugs are more important to someone than not killing themselves or someone else, they don't need to be working or driving or typing on a computer in an office somewhere.
    Rant over........

    Probationary period or not. No second chances.