Friday, March 4, 2011


I don't know why I get so dang excited about Friday, I work all weekend too, hahahhaa.  Conditioning, I suppose.  Hope everyone has fun plans for the weekend.

I am LOVING this weather.  I despise the heat and dread it every year.  I'm a cool weather kinda fatty.

Papoose #2 did incredibly well at her meet last night.  VERY proud Squaw, who normally stays pretty mellow in the stands at such functions, especially if I think there is little chance the Pooses will hear me anyway, or if I have people seated very close to me, was standing screaming encouragement and praise to that kid like nobody's business!!!  Sore throat this morning from it.  She was a rockstar.

We have gas properties at the end of our road.  Bonus on that was that they paved our road.  Negatives on that are that the guys in the pickups that are in and out of there drive down our road like it's the frigging Texas Motor Speedway, as do the tankers.  This morning Papoose #2 and I were very nearly hit, again, by a tanker that was turning off of 730 onto our road.  They rarely even slow down very much and just swing wide across our whole road.  If you are sitting there, you WILL be hit.  It has happened twice on our corner already.  Those f*ckers need to realize that they are driving on OUR private residential street.  They wouldn't want that sh*t done in front of their house, so have a little g*ddamn respect already.

I love men.  I think they are sexy, intriguing, beautiful creatures.  Can't get enough of them.  Always been that way, probably part of the reason I've been attracted to very masculine (read: bastards) looking men.  Not saying all masculine looking men are bastards, just saying that what they looked like or how they rocked my world may have tended to encourage me to overlook some of their less than stellar personality traits.

But if I EVER thought about trying out the other side of the fence, I would TOTALLY do P!NK.   She is one sexy b*tch.

Shut up, Jar.  You know you'd rock her socks off too, given the chance.

Didn't drink a single beer last night, and slept like the proverbial baby.  Gotta try to do that more often.

I have agreed to dogsit a friends dog for her while she is on vacation for a week.  This is going to be a nightmare.  I watched him for her for a couple of months when she had a family member in the hospital.  This dog has more than a few screws loose.  He's huge, for starters, and she has never taught him any manners whatsoever.  You can't keep him fenced, he jumps any fence you put him behind, or digs out.  So you have to tether him on a runner.  Then he barks.  So I have to put a bark collar on him so the neighbors don't poison or shoot him.  He of course isn't house trained, and is such a hyper active idiot you can't stand to have him in the house anyway.  When I was watching him last time, he was so bad I took him and had all his shots done and had him neutered, just to calm him down some from humping everything in sight.  It helped.  But not so the general laymen would notice.   Anyhow, gonna be a beating.  She sure is lucky I adore her.  Stupid dog.

Enough for now. Let me get some coffee in me and maybe my brain will kick into gear for the day.


  1. reiterating here...

    you are a freakinHOOT

    yeah men are pretty special... in more ways than one... and for the most part i find them deeply attractive (cept for the hairy balls - those things are just ugly)

    women i'd do? cher... and adele

  2. Sherri, I'm with ya on the Cher thing........
    Pink......Oh yeah, for sure, nuff said!
    Those dangged Oilfield workers are a worthless bunch. I wouldn't give 20 cents for the whole lot of them!