Thursday, March 3, 2011

A Haunting

So I have had several instances of something messing with me, throughout my life.  And no, it's not my mind playing tricks on me.  Listen with an open mind.  Or don't, I don't really give a baby in a kings cake what you think, this shit really happened.  And is happening again.

When I was younger, I used to get in trouble for leaving things out around the house.  I was an only child, so it HAD to be me, right?  Wrong.  Things would get pulled out of drawers or closets and left out.  I would get in trouble for it.  I was a painfully good kid.  Went out of my way to stay out of trouble and make everyone around me happy.  So I never stuck up for myself and argued the point, just took the punishment.

As I got older, different things would happen.  The most common one was for the makings for a peanut butter and jelly sandwhich to be out on the counter in the middle of the night.  Bread, knife, peanut butter, and jelly.  This one even happened when I stayed the night at a friends house once.  ]

When my parents split up and we moved into my grandmothers house, her dog would freak out randomly when we were home alone and bark hysterically at nothing.  This was a normally docile quiet sweet dog, and she would get so riled up all her hair would be standing up on end.

Once my mom and I had our own apartment, other things happened.  The pb&j thing would still happen too.  But also, mom had a huge potted palm.  I mean, this thing weighed so much you couldn't even move it to vacuum, you had to vacuum around it.  We would go out somewhere and come home, and it would be sitting smack dab in the middle of the living room.   Even happened once when I was in the shower.  Not kidding you.  Other times, we would get up in the morning and all the pictures etc would be off  the walls and laying on the carpet in the center of the room.  The tv would randomly turn on and off of it's own accord, whether we were watching it, or if it was the middle of the night.  The volume would suddenly go all the way up as high as it could go, while we were watching it too.  Also, the cat would get locked in the bathroom.  A lot.  There was a problem with the latch on that door, you had to manhandle it to get it to latch correctly.  But it would do that on it's own at night or sometimes when we were in the living room.

There were other occasions where something would go missing, when I knew dang well it was JUST THERE.  I would walk around like a loon, talking into thin air, saying things like "ok, very funny, just give it back!! You don't see me messing with YOUR things, do you????"  Umm, what things?  But I said that, more than once.

Fast forward several years.  We move to Texas and rent a house out on a cattle ranch.  Papoose #2 is about 5 years old.  We start having problems with her talking about seeing a man walking down the hallway.  Then it escalates to someone calling her name and talking to her.  She becomes scared of the dark.  We spend A LOT of time consoling her and listening to her tell stories that there is no way in hell she could possibly know.  Papoose #1 doesn't believe in ghosts, but is sweet about consoling her sister.  Finally, Papoose #1 comes screaming into my room yelling that there is a tree with a hangman's noose on it outside her bedroom window.  There were NO trees on that side of the house.  Anyhow, things escalate till I am home a couple times alone folding laundry and hear someone calling Papoose #2's name.  This whole time, MW is a complete non believer and claims we're all feeding off of Papoose #2's hysterical imagination.  Finally, one morning when both Pooses are staying the night at a friends house, we are laying in bed, just waking up, talking about something to do with him wanting a dog, and I'll be damned if we don't hear "mooooom mmmmmmmmmm" That was it, MW about sh*t his pants.  We were moved out of that house within a week.

Now, I have worked at a couple different locations on Job #2 with The Real Deal.  At one location, many employees witnessed the ladies room paper towel dispenser making racket like someone is pulling towel after towel out of it, but when you go in there, nothing, nobody.  People also saw a shadowy figure move through part of the store, over and over.  This misty shadow was even caught on the security camera.  On one occasion, the ladies room was locked and the paper towel thing started in.  It went on so long that they finally called the police, in case someone was in there drunk or something and needed attention.  Police come, hear the massive racket, banging on door trying to get whoever it is to come out, no luck.  Finally take the door off and----nothing.  No one in there.

One night after closing, I'm in the ladies room cleaning and I ask whoever is there "whoever you are, is there anything we can help you with?  why are you here?"  I rambled on a bit about wanting to help etc.  I didn't tell anyone I did this. Finished up in there and left.

The next morning The Real Deal tells me that when he got home that night, he fell asleep with the tv on.  Something woke him up in the middle of the night, he didn't know what, and he went to lean over and grab the remote to turn off the tv and something slammed  into his chest and threw him back on the bed, pinning him there so hard that he could barely breath.  This lasted for a minute or so, then it lifted and he sat up.  Didn't turn the tv off after all, was way too freaked out.  This happened the next night as well, he was pulled back and pinned to the bed for a minute or so before being released.  All of this happened while we were in the process of completing renovations on the store we currently work at.

Now we are full time at this store, and things are happening here now.  It started slow, front door opening and closing on it's own.  Ladders falling over that were just fine a minute before.  Now it's starting to escalate.  TRD walked in the back door the other day, and a whole case of copy paper fell off a shelf, barely missing him.  Other employees are having doors either open or slam on their own.  One of the little ladies was locked in a cooler while something banged on all the walls and the door, terrifying her.  There is a little attic room above part of the store, that has latching windows in it, interior windows.  We latched all of them closed, and something broke one of them, forcing it open.  These windows are 20' in the air by the ceiling, unaccessible from either side, except by ladder.

A couple of weeks ago I ran in to use the rest room and was washing my hands, when the door to the stall I had been in started slamming over and over again.  Did it like 5 times.  Nobody else was in there but me.

Each day this week those little decorative windows change.  Each day a different one will be opened up, and another one that was open the night before will be closed.

We have numerous tv's in the store.  Some mornings a few of them will be on, when they were shut off the night before.

The alarm has gone off a few times in the middle of the night.  One night the police called TRD to come down because the alarm had gone off and they found an open door and nobody on the premises, but they couldn't get the door to resecure no matter what they tried.  The minute TRD arrived, the officers tried to show him how the door refused to close, and it closed up just perfectly, no problem.

A call was made from the store phone at almost two in the morning one morning.  Nobody was at the store.  It was locked up tight.  When the employee answered her phone, nobody was there.

Curiouser and curiouser, as Alice would say.

We want to have a little sit down with whoever it is that keeps messing with everyone.  We may do it after closing this Saturday.

Anyone have any experience with this kind of thing and want to come play?????

I don't care if you believe it or if you think I'm goofier than a pet coon.  This sh*t all happened.  It's still happening.


  1. man i wish we lived closer!! i love this kinda shit! one day i will right out my haunting stories for you.... as my dad always says "booga booga"... he thinks he's a funny guy... i call BS

  2. You have asked a few times if we thought that you needed therapy. Well, I didn't think so, and still don't, but I would like to know what kind of prescriptions that you are taking. W-spouse and I might want to try a few of them this weekend to spice things up a bit, If you get my drift!
    There were a few times in my life that Keystone Light may have caused me to see a few things that really weren't there......I'm just saying!

  3. YOU, Corner, pipe it down buddy!!! Hahaha. I was NOT seeing things. Phooey!

  4. I TOTALLY BELIEVE YOU!! We have stuff happen all the time. I have seen a man on my backporch about the same build and height as my husband. By the time I park my car, get out and walk on the back porch there is nobody there and my husband was not home. I have also seen a guy in clothes from it looks like the late 1800's - 1900's wearing a cowboy hat and long duster. He floated down our sidewalk in front of my house. When my nephew started talking he told us he played with a little black boy and named his first and last name... And he didn't even know what the word "black" meant. Also everytime he saw a picture of a skull and cross bones he would say "there's happy Bill!!" He loved his little ghost friends and would spend hours talking to them. I don't think your a nut job. Until you see it or experience it most people won't believe. love the blog, keep it going...