Thursday, March 10, 2011

This'll Piss Some People Off

So, the drug thing was a hot button.  I thought it might be.  Myself, being raised by an addict, and that entire side of the family being addicts in one way shape or form, I have my own opinions on the topic.  My mother abused prescription as well as illegal drugs, and as an only child I was a captive audience, to say the least.

I was born and raised in California.  Beautiful country there.  I managed to grow up with my own thoughts, opinions and view, despite the surroundings I was raised in, both in my home as well as the general attitude of the times in Cali.

I was raised with homosexuality and drug use all around me, living in the Monterey Bay in California.  Although I don't bash anyone with an alternative lifestyle, I don't necessarily agree with it either.  I really don't have strong feelings about it either way.  I will say that I am glad my Papooses both seem to be straight though.  So I guess that right there is an opinion in and of itself.

On drug use and abuse of any kind, I have more firm opinions.  I watched them ruin peoples lives.  Many many peoples lives, including my life as a child all the way up until my mother passed away.  I raised her, she didn't raise me.  We were blacklisted from the family because she had burned so many bridges with her use.  Three quarters of the kids I went to school with used one type of drug or another on a regular basis, to the point where I never really had much of a social life because every time I would try going out with friends, somehow dope of some kind would be brought into play.

I can't stand to be around it.  I become physically ill when I am forced to deal with any aspect of it.  Being raised isolated with people that were on one drug or another most of the time, I am insanely sensitive to it, to the point where I can peg if someone is on ANYTHING just by them walking in the door.  I am not exaggerating here.  I peg them at Job #2 all the time.  I pegged this one at Job #1 that didn't pass the piss test last week.  I may not say anything, but I will KNOW if you are on ANYTHING, and that includes any legal drug that is affecting you in any sketchy way.

I know and love many people that I know for a fact use.  As long as they don't ever do it around me or come around me or my kids while on it, that is their choice.  But if you ever try to be around me or my Papooses while you are high on anything, I will simply walk away.  That is my choice.

Now, as far as this attitude that so many people have about some drugs being worse than other drugs, I call bullshit.  Drugs are drugs.  I don't care if they legalize pot for glaucoma or any other damn thing.  It's bad for you, it affects your character and judgment, it's not any less 'bad' than any other drug.  It's dope.  Plain and simple.  Most of the people that say marijuana is 'different' or 'not as bad' as other drugs are generally the ones that use it, or are close to people that use it, and they are rationalizing a choice and a behavior.  Again, I don't judge people.  But I do not have to agree with them.

Finally, I am an adult, and whether or not I am around that type of thing is totally and completely up to me.

I choose no.

Drugs are bad.  They are bad for you physically, emotionally, and financially.  Anyone that is spending money on dope, I'm sure could find more beneficial ways to spend that money.  Furthermore, although I am not an overly religious person, I don't go to church anymore and I don't spout off bible verses to people, I do know one thing:  There is no way in hell Our Lord would condone putting anything in our bodies that is so horrifically bad for it.  Anything that destroys our lungs, livers, or brains is not going to be something that Jesus is looking down on us going "it's cool, dude, get your high on, it's just a little mary jane, it's not a real drug".

I know that alcohol is a drug, per say, and I know it is bad for us.  Yes, I drink, and yes, it's bad for me.  I do know that.

Again, I'm not judging, I'm not that kind of person.  But everyone was sharing their opinions, and I wanted to pipe in as well.

Thanks for reading.


  1. I've dealt with it, been around and also did it.
    I'm much smarter now than then, which of course is questionable.

    I, like you, don't ever want to be around it again. I know what it will do to a persons life.
    Nothing possibly good can come from it.
    Preach on Sister!

  2. you are absolutely right that drugs are bad... legal and illegal. i've lived that life on many levels... and i have to say that i do believe some are worse than others, remembering that all are bad. i'm a pretty tolerant person and live my life with the "to each his own" attitude... and i don't want to be around it either..but my biggest nemesis is alcohol and that is because of being abused by a raging alcoholic... i cannot stand the smell of beer or liquor... anyhoo...

    i also worked in drug rehab... i know the disease that is addiction... and i know how incredibly hard it is to heal from that... and in some instances, i doubt that healing is an option... it breaks my heart when i see people who are living that life, when they have no other coping mechanisms to deal with what goes on in their minds... i guess i have some empathy for them... then there are those who are using because it's "fun"... these people i have a hard time with.... really hard time...

    the medications i put in my body are poison... i hate them... i wish that i did not have to use them... i'm a veritable pharmacy right now and probably always will be... and i have to admit that if medical THC becomes legal in texas, i will use it... the pill form... the medical advantages of THC and MS far outweighs that of all the narcotics i'm putting into my body...

    my biggest fear is becoming addicted to any or all of the things i'm taking... i do my best to do without, especially on the days when there is no work or activities i must attend...

    bleh... being in this situation sucks royally