Tuesday, March 8, 2011

FAT Tuesday

I SLEPT LAST NIGHT!!!!  WOOOOHOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am rip roarin and ready to tear it up today!!!!!

I have never been one to bite my nails, but I have the most irritating habit of picking at or biting my cuticles.  I have them so sore right now I can't hardly stand it.  I don't do it as bad as I used to, well, not as often, I guess I should say, but man.  I have GOT to stop that.  I am 42 years old already, time to stop with the dumb a*s habits!

Shout out to my friend that is sick today.  Move your arse closer and I'll make you chicken soup.

Nother shout out to my friend who is finally feeling better and back at it.  Thanks for not kickin it on us.

This man and his family have been on my mind.  Sad situation.  I can't imagine being the one left to die, nor can I imagine being the family forced to do the leaving.  So incredibly sad.

There will be A LOT of pancakes consumed today.

We've been wearing Marti Gras beads at work.  It has been fabulously entertaining, the things people have done in order to talk us out of our beads.  Especially once they get a beer or two into them.  Haha.  "Sir, siiiiirrrrr, please, put your shirt back on and zip up.  Here, for the love of all thats holy, take the beads!!!"

Some guys have really weird nipples.

Did you guys look at that short video of the hamster running the miniature dog agility course??  Was that cute or what????  That's my kind of agility.  I've done agility with my dogs before, and they just flat out run me.  Hard work!!!  Of course, my problem tends to be tripping over things, or nothing, more than not running fast enough.  I am so uncoordinated, it's ridiculous.

I handle a lot of alcohol at Job #2.  There are many other people around me handling alcohol as well.  I'm never there for more than 15 minutes before something gets spilled on me.  Many times when I'm driving home exhausted afterwards, the thought runs through my mind that between being so tired, reeking of alcohol, and my honest lack of coordination, if I am ever pulled over I will most likely be arrested for dwi.  Even though I haven't had a sip.  Couldn't blame the cop, either.  No way could I do any of those little tests they give, sober as a choir member and well rested.

That dang phone I'm trying to get used to is having software issues.  That means I will have to go to Sprint and do battle to make them replace it without trying to charge me the 100.00 deductible.  This should be fun.  Bastards.

We're having a swamp thing issue in our backyard.   Something to do with the septic.  How do I know it's something to do with the septic?  My normally white LabPup came running into the house BLACK and smelling like sewage.  Yep, he took him a little dipskie.   Oh.Boy.How.Cute.

I've bored you long enough.  Get to work!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. I would never have to be in a position to make the call that the rescuers had to do.
    Horrific. Knowing that there is someone alive and no way to safely get to them. Tragic.
    Yep, swamp in yard-wet dog smells like sewage = septic problems!
    Don't be getting pulled over and hauled in on us, even though I would love to read the post the next morning!

  2. i cannot imagine having to call off a search knowing the victim is still alive... has to be the most difficult and gut-wrenching thing to do... and you know that it will forever be in the minds of those rescuers... i hope they don't beat themselves up over it for the rest of their lives... reminds of me that movie with travolta... what was it? ladder 49?

    nipples are weird... all nipples....

    i loved the hamster!! coach said it looked more like a mouse than a hamster... he didn't get the point... i had to tell him... but look what it's doing! haha men...i clicked on the next video too... the hamster dollhouse one...dang those were some FAT hamsters!

    i wish i lived closer too... i would love some chicken soup about now... i just got out of bed to grab something to drink and nibble on... i'm hungry but nothing sounds good... or rather what sounds good requires preparation and i just have no gumption for that!!

    be well! enjoy your Fat Tuesday!!