Tuesday, March 22, 2011

TuxedoShadow All One Word

Every time I eat blackberries or boysenberries, I flash back to being a kid.   When I got to stay with my grandparents during the summer, I ate them right off the vines they had growing all the way around their property.  Mmmm.

I was sick Friday.  It was one of those sicks where you spend the entire time willing yourself to just die and get it over with.  It sucked balls.  I went in to Job #1 long enough to take care of some paperwork I needed to do, then I rolled my sorry hide back home.  I was even too sick to sleep any.  It really sucked balls.

Mister Wonderful showed up at Job #2 Saturday night with his best friend.  They drank.  And ate.  But they drank more.  MW was having such a fabulous time that he fessed up to even more misbehavior while they were sitting there visiting.  Interesting.  I wonder if there is a single woman where he works that he hasn't had some kind of tryst with.  They left around 11 or so, in the best friends car, as MW had left the truck at the friends house.  When Papoose #2 and I finished up with work and made the hour drive home, pulled into the driveway and he still wasn't home, I worried. I tried to call his phone, I texted his phone.  No answer.  I was up till 3am worrying about him being crashed on the side of the road or dead or something.  When he finally rolled into the house trying for snuggles, I sent him to the couch and laid in my bed for a couple more hours without sleeping because I was so upset about his inconsideration.  Why do I do that to myself.  I'm an idiot.

As if working 7 days a week is not enough, add to that the three mornings a week I have to haul Papoose #2 in to school by 6:15am for practice etc, now we are adding early mornings on Saturday and Sunday.  Papoose #2 has been waiting to turn 15 so she can volunteer at a certain place.  Now we find out that yes, she can volunteer there at 15, as long as her PARENT OR GUARDIAN IS VOLUNTEERING TOO.  Liability insurance reasons.  So, guess who has added volunteer work to her plate?  Can I get a WootWoot for an Angry Squaw?  *heavy sigh*  But, the kid just has so much go get um, I can't say no to certain things that fuel her passions.  So, now instead of sleeping in till 8am on Saturdays and Sundays, we will be leaving the house by 7am, rolling out to volunteer, then heading straight from there to Job #2 both days.

Good times.

We've had some changes here at Job #1.  So far, more work and stress for me.  I'm sure things will be cool once the dust settles though.  That is what I keep telling myself.

I got my oil changed and an alignment done on the jalopy yesterday.  Took off work an hour and a half early to do it, since it's a 45 minute drive and traffic tends to be hell that direction.  Didn't want to be late for my appointment.  Well, that was a waste of a paycheck, since I sat there waiting, and they didn't even pull my car in to start on it till 6:45pm!!  The place I go to has two locations, this was my first experience with this location.  I was not amused.


For the first hour I was there, I shared the waiting room with a rather interesting fellow.  His name was Clifford, "Like the large red dog" is how he explained it to everyone that walked through the door, and to every single person he spoke with on his cell phone as he conducted personal business at top volume during the hour we shared space.  He was dressed in his McDonalds work clothes, and had a copy of a Star Trek novel on his lap.  You are getting the picture so far?  While we waited, he called his bank and insurance company at least a half dozen times, to talk to them about is discount now that he reached 25 years old.  Then he moved on to the issue he was having with a dating website.....and this is where it got really entertaining.  That kid handed out information and details about himself that are seared into my brain.  There are some things you just can't unsee or unhear.....he went on and on about the level of adult services he had experienced through the sites, and even told them what they needed to do differently, as well as what he was looking for in the future, IN DETAIL.  The argument began over his misunderstanding about the auto enroll/billing system.  Let me put it this way, this guy was so out there, he may as well be putting aside McCash each week to buy him some female companionship.  Lordamighty.  Oh, and he looked like Squiggy from Laverne and Shirley.  I actually snapped a pic of him, but I don't know the legalities of posting it here.  Fellow bloggers, input?

Ladies, his "code name" as he kept referring to it, is 'TuxedoShadow, All One Word'.  We heard him repeat that, in his sexiest come hither Rico Suave voice, at least a hundred times.  I kid you not.

What a goober.

***EDIT:  No longer concerned about posting his pic.  Google his handle.  Oh.Dear.Sweet.Jesus.

or not.........

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  1. If you post that picture of me, I swear I will sue ya. I need a good horse, and maybe a dog or two.