Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Quiet Tuesday

Mister Wonderful announced last night "I don't like you, you don't like me. Live with it".   Seriously???  Who would decide to just 'live with' something like that??  Ok, yeah, a lot of people do, I realize this. Up till a few years ago, I was one of those people, so who am I to talk....

I'm an only child.  I really wish I could have had siblings.  There is something intrinsically different about people that are only children vs people who grew up with siblings.  People that have brothers and/or sisters know how to love better.  They have something extra in them.  Only children, on the other hand, no matter how wonderful of a person they are, are lacking somehow, emotionally.  We have something missing.  We don't know how to love selflessly, unconditionally and naturally, the way people with siblings do.  I'm not bashing only children, I'm just pointing out a fact that I've noticed in myself and others.  I am intrigued with watching siblings together.  Even when they aren't getting along, there is a bond there that is so natural and so strong.  Love it.  This belief is what led the argument for me to have Papoose #2.  I swore that I would not only have one child, if it was in my power to avoid it.  Good thing I finally got MW to relent all those years ago, because come to find out, I was already pregnant with her.  Haha.  

Satan Dog goes home tonight or tomorrow morning.  He has actually been much more well behaved than he was the last time I had him.  I guess the neutering and a little age has finally kicked in.  Major props going out to Papoose #2 for being such a massive help with him.  She has let him sleep in her room every night.  I was not sure how I was going to manage to keep he and LabPup from playing all night.  Thanks for having mom's back, Poose!!!!!

Papoose #1 is having some pretty grown up drama with ExBoyfriendMan.  Ugh.  Men, why do you have to lash out in anger to cover up for hurt feelings or vulnerabilities?  I mean, kid, I love you to pieces, but YOU f*cked up.  You had many opportunities to get a job and pull your weight.  She's not your momma, and she's not your wife.  Grow some balls and be a man already.  Get over it.

One thing I am INSANELY happy to see, is that neither of the Pooses will put up with crap.  They have huge hearts and are incredibly loving, but after watching the way their fatherperson treated me all these years, instead of going for men that are exactly like him, they are both proving to be intelligent and insightful enough to do the exact opposite, and only accept the best treatment.  Thank God.  I worried so much that I may be ruining them as adult women, by staying so long.  Thank you, God, thank you.

This whole earthquake, tsunami, nuclear meltdown thing is so horrific that I honestly don't think anyone that's not actually living in it can fully understand the actual scope of it.  Pictures, videos, and news coverage just cannot convey the full affect.

Job #1 is sooooo quiet today.  I'm loving it!!!!

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  1. My sister and I never got close till in our adult lives.
    She still acts like a spoiled brat. She could have been an only child.
    We had a dog from hell one time. You could not keep her in a fence. She would dig to China to get out. You could let her out and she would stay close, but she would not stay behind a fence.