Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Have A Good Evening, All

I apologize for my foul humor of late.  I'm really not that awful, just some things creep under my skin and over time irritate until the shiny wears off and I have an outburst.

Normally, I am nice to a fault.  I get sh*t on, ALOT.  Normally, I let everything roll off of my back and turn the other cheek.

I've not been feeling well for a long time now.  I am under alot of stress with MW and working seven days a week and worrying about money.

Still, that is no excuse for bad behavior, and I apologize.

I do not, however, promise to never do it again.

So there.

Have a good evening everyone.  Life is good.

(cabin in the woods, the real deal, plenty of grocery money, kids through college, pedicures, new tires when i need them......)  *mantra*

1 comment:

  1. It kinda takes the edginess out of your blog persona if you go on a rant then apologize.

    The first rule of blogging: it's your blog and you are always right, no matter if you twist off on someone or something and later feel bad or discover you were wrong or even feel guilty.

    Anyone that disagrees with you on your blog is your enemy. Show no mercy. You should have gone on a tirade about me and made remarks about my momma, my family and/or my dog.

    This is what makes blogging so fun. You can funnel your aggressions to this stupid internet world and then save all your sweetness, goodness and kindness for the REAL people you care about in your REAL life.

    Stupid anonymous commenters are too retarded to separate reality from the internet, so they'll think that your blog reflects the real you and you get to sit back and laugh at their stupidity while basking in your superiority.

    That is all.

    Carry on.