Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I just can't decide if I like this new phone.  I am having a really hard time texting on it.  I guess maybe I'm just too clumsy for the total touch screen texting thing, idk.  Either way, I have to exchange it either for the same phone, or another type of phone, because the one I have keeps having brain farts and seizing up on me and the keyboard screen will start flashing when I'm trying to type on it.  Beautiful little storm trooper phone, mine is white. Sure wish I could master the tiny touch screen text buttons.....

The fun grammar nazi!!!   I love love love me some Hyperbole and a Half!!!!!

I really want to go snow shoeing right now.

Some days I feel strong and positive like I can take on the whole world, and other days notsomuch.

My meds REALLY upset my stomach, no matter what I do to try and avoid it. Blech.

I feel awful.  I got mad and yelled at LabPup yesterday morning, and now he sorta cringes every time I go near him.  I didn't hit him or anything at all, just said "Goddammit Milo, get your ASS over here!!"  because he was chasing the cats instead of coming with me to his yard and I was almost late to work.  Nothing says "you're a sh*tty person" like your own dog cowering from you.  Jeez.

Papoose #2 and I have managed to be on time to school and work all week so far.  That is a dang record for us.  I don't know why, but the past few months we have had one heck of a time getting out of the house on time.  Must be because I feel so crummy and have a hard time lighting a fire under my a*s to get up and get moving.

I loathe being late anywhere.

Question for everyone???   If a person really WANTS to change but for some reason has a hard time finding the inner strength or self control or what have you to actually make the changes, do you think that any kind of therapy can help them?  Is there any way to rewire your mind and attitude despite yourself and your shortcomings?  I welcome all thoughts.

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  1. i do believe a person can change... but they have to WANT to do it... it has to be for the self, not for others... it requires mucho inner strength and will-power... but i believe it can be done...

    hell, i did it... i kept lists - pros, cons, to-do's, motivations, inspirations... and i had to move. far away. i had to find myself all over again... i had to fix my broken mind.. but it worked... and i owe a debt to a lovely monk who helped me find the path...

    but bottom line. i WANTED to change... i needed to change too...but the want is what did it for me...