Monday, March 7, 2011


I actually heard someone say "Well, I follow Stewie from Family Guy on Twitter"  Really dude?

I think the government is doing some kind of experimentation on my family.  Nobody in the house has been sleeping well for days now except for LabPup.  Something in the water, maybe.  Conspiracy, I say, conspiracy.

Papoose #1 broke things off with her sweet boyfriend yesterday.  It was for the best for both of them at this point, but they truly do love each other and have such fun together, so it's just about the most gut wrenching thing in the history of ever.  Poor kids.  My heart just breaks for them both.

Job #2 was good this weekend.  The people watching just can't be beat.  That church crowd is one grumpy tight fisted group.  We have one man that comes in every weekend and claims he's never been there before and will snap at whatever cashier gets him.  Guess who gets him every time he comes in now.  Yep, you guessed it.  I get all the hard to handle customers.  Bring em on, it's like a sport to me.  I love exercising my mind to find new and unique ways to be a b*tch or put them in their place so politely they don't even know it's happening.  Good times.

I really resent the fact that there are people that read this blog that I don't want in my business, so I have to censor what I say here, of all places.  That is really starting to go up my a*s sideways more and more as time passes.

It's funny to me how the people that b*tch the loudest about not wanting to hear about other peoples business or drama are the ones that are right up in there stalking and putting their nose up in your business.  Sheesh.

I was running an errand for Job #2 Saturday and the guy in the lane to my left suddenly decided he desperately needed to get around the guy in front of him and swerved into my lane so quickly I had to swerve off the road to avoid being hit.  So did the guy that was to my rear on the right of me.  Little b*astard pissed me off so bad I sped up and followed him for awhile, just to jack with him.  I never do things like that.  But when I tell you it was close, ma peeps, that sh*t was CLOSE.  I had to swerve so hard that now my alignment on my car is all jacked up. THAT'S how close it was.  I had chest pains and shaking hands for over an hour afterwards.  I drive a lot, and many things happen like this, near misses that necessitate a good cussing out for whoever was involved.  But man, this one was bad.  I was still having chest pains off and on yesterday.  Stress pains, you know.  Whew.

I'm too old for that crap.

But man, you should have seen the look on that punks face when he saw that it was an old lady chasing his ass down!!!!  Priceless!!!  If I knew how to work this pos new phone better, I would have snapped a pic of the look on his face when we hit a red light and I pulled up, rolled down the window and proceeded to explain to him what a dumb a*s he was.   I told him I had his plate number and that I feed the city cops every day where I work and he better thank his lucky stars I wasn't on the phone with them already.  Punk.  The exchange was ended, after many "yes maam's" with him saying "um, that's a really nice car, by the way".

Making out in the car in the dark behind your place of employment is fun and makes you feel young again.  Just sayin.  


  1. LOL...."just sayin'." =)

    I'm so on the same page regarding unwelcome readers. I regretted ever giving my blog name to that former friend, remember? Creep Ass.

    And the naughty driver? Good for you. He might think twice next time.

  2. Sometimes I wish blogs were a little like FaceBook. So when post like this leave me speechless (in a good way) I could just hit the like button!!! :)

  3. Kathleen: Yes, and the hell of it is, I didn't give my blog name out to the stalker(s) I'm referring to. *sigh*

    Corner: You know it Brutha!!!!!

    Chele: Thanks for always supporting me :)