Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Boring Stuff

After five years of the same old glasses that I couldn't see out of, I finally spent the money to buy a new pair.  They are incredibly uncomfortable and give me a headache every day because of the way they fit.  I've had them over a month now.  Now I have to take time off of work to make the 40 minute drive to the eye doctor, most likely for them to tell me there is nothing they can do about it.  I already spent 20 minutes in the office the day I picked them up, trying to get the techs to adjust them so they were comfortable.  Bleh.

Has anyone else had this flu or whatever is going around?  Starts out with headache and nausea, then moves on to horrible body aches and coughing etc?  I know at least a dozen people in different stages of suffering with it, and the Papoose #2 started in yesterday with the headache and sore throat  :(

Everyone makes fun of Britney Spears, but I like alot of her music.

I had a dream last night that I had some kind of hybrid/electric/goofy car that would only go 25 mph.  It looked just like those little plastic cars you buy kids.  Then I had to give someone a jump start with it, and after they got their car started and took off, I realized my little toy car was smoking and wouldn't start.  I had to push it all the way home, the entire time thinking 'thank god it's a rental!!'   I mean, who dreams such things???  Jeez.

A cat got stuck on LabPups face last night.  Yes, you read that right.  LabPup is a really good doggie, but he does have one weakness, and that is chasing cats.  Has no idea what to do with them once he catches them, for him it's all about the chase (typical male), and if he mistakenly chases a mean/unafraid cat and it turns on him, he high tails it like a little girl.  Well last night he chased one of the outside kitties and the cat ran down by the horse pasture where he somehow got snagged by a bit of baling twine.  LabPup couldn't believe his fortune at actually catching up with the kitty and pounced on him, expecting the kitty to jump in the tree, as was the routine.  Mortified kitty couldn't make tracks because of the twine tangled around his back leg, so instead he turned around and launched himself at LabPups face.  FYI, dogs really do sometimes get that wide eyed goofy cartoon look on their face ;)  Somehow the twine that was tangled on kitty got tangled on LabPups teeth or something, and we proceeded to have a catdog rodeo across two acres of backyard.  Now, a good owner would be terrified for her pets safety and would NEVER dream of laughing at this situation.  Mark me off the good owners list.  I was laughing my as* off.  That dog is clumsy when he is simply walking across the carpet.  You add a pissed off kitty cat attached to his face and a little terror at the unexpected way events had unfolded in his young fun loving life, and you've got a marvel of blundering ineptitude.  All I could think was 'why do I never have a camera at the right times???'   They finally got themselves stuck behind the open gate, where I was able to untangle them.  Kitty took off like his butt was afire, LabPup looked up at me like 'Hi Mom!!!!  Didja see it??? Didja????? That kitty attacked me!!!!  Da noive!!!!'  Dumb dog.  Bless his heart.

The end.


  1. Hey, watch it with the "TYPICAL MALE" remarks ...... Chicky!

  2. LMAO, Mr. C! Oh, goodness....poor Pup...I can just see it too...;-) Oh, and your glasses look great! I really like them -- Mr. did too, remember?

  3. Thanks, I think they are cute, but man are they ever killing me!!! I just dread the time off to drive down into the world and see the eye doc again.

  4. I had an Airedale that insisted on killing my neighbors' chickens. After coming to the realization that buying an already processed chicken from the grocery store was cheaper than reimbursing my neighbor for the mangled variety, I decided to sell him.

    My ad in the newspaper read "Purebred registered Airedale, free to good home, loves children, hates chickens."

    No takers.

  5. Oh man, Answers, I bet you didn't have any takers on that!! Too funny!! With his love of cat chasing, I was afraid about the chicken thing too, since I would love to have a few again someday when I'm home more. So in a preemptive strike, I took him down the road to the neighbor who has a mean ass pet turkey and let him get all acquainted with that monster. Hoping it transfers over to chickens ;) Either way, it was muy good times for those of us viewing, haha.

  6. Ugh....sorry, Chica...was helping with math homework (I know, frightening) and I got the post all wrong -- why can't they do an adjustment? I had the same prob with mine and it's because they were too tight and needed the nosepiece adjusted. And like you, I HATE the drive/ofc visit crap. I'm due and keep putting off the l-o-n-g ass drive to my ophthalmologist.