Friday, January 21, 2011

Super Duper Friday Ma Peeps!!!!

We made it again!!  Round of applause everyone, riotous round of applause is called for here!!!

Almost time to take on Job#2.  I only work there Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays right now.  I pull in almost full time hours in those three days though, so that will start paying off financially here pretty soon.  One of the day managers was sent home sick yesterday.  She went to the doctor and found out that she without any doubt has the Swine Flu.  Oh.Goody.Goody.  There is no telling how many people were exposed to her before she got sick enough to be sent home.  I am praying that nobody else gets sick, employees or customers.  Every one of us has kids at home, too.

I am craving tuna sandwiches with bbq chips.  That is very odd.  That is one craving I have never had before.

Still have the evil Dark Reeses in my purse, too.  Why, oh why do I temp myself??  *sigh*

I am looking forward to springtime, when my dear friend is going to come help me do something with my yard so it will look like someone actually lives there.  I mean, I've only been in the house five years now, don't rush me on the landscaping thing!!

I really liked how Mr. Corner described his wife on his blog today.  That was really really sweet.  Good on ya, buddy.

I am having an incredibly hard time bonding with LabPup.  I've always enjoyed training the dogs I've had in my life, but for some reason, he and I just aren't 'clicking'.  Maybe it's because I'm just not home much?  But when I am home he just really doesn't look for attention from me.  I don't know.  Maybe that will change.  I've never had a dog that didn't get attached and want to be near me etc.  He really could care less about people.  Totally focussed on chasing cats or playing with other dogs.  Makes training him less than enjoyable.  Usually the hard work and hassle of having a puppy is more than worth it for the companionship they provide.  Not so with LabPup.  Idk.

I hate that I need to get out and exercise to lose weight, but I am so out of shape that I am too lazy to want to exercise.  What an evil cycle.  I'm going to start walking LabPup every morning or night.  That may help with a couple of my issues, eh?  Now, who is going to kick my lazy butt out the door???  Hahaha.

My car still needs a new tire.  Just don't have the $200.00 to spend on that particular thing right now.  So I am stuck driving the Explorer, sans defroster.  Boy did that make for a looooooooooong start to the morning.  It is parked where there is no cover, and I totally spaced out on putting something over the windshield to avoid the whole ice ordeal this morning.  So there I was scraping the window with a plastic cup that was in the back floor board.  Funny stuff.  Papoose #2 had a good time taking pics of me doing so.  Brat. Haha.  Made myself late to work because of my failure to think ahead.  Hate it when I do dumb crap like that.

I am very blessed in my life in so many ways.  I appreciate it and give thanks for all my blessings as well as my hardships and challenges.  I also do alot of asking for forgiveness.  Alot of that.  I am a work in progress, but it's exhilarating to at least be working on it.  For so many years I was in a rut of hating myself and my circumstances, and it never once occurred to me that I could realistically do anything to change it.  Now that, my friends, has GOT to be indicative of mental problems.  Ah well, I'm doing it now, and as they say, better late than never, yes??

Who is 'they' anyhow?

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