Friday, January 7, 2011

Guilty Conscience, Anyone???

Ok, so my Backstabbing post has obviously gotten some attention.  I have already had one person contact me and ask if I was talking about them in that post "because they totally meant it in the nicest way about my BMW and how the hell did I afford that" uh, yeah right.  What a hoot that one was!!!

And I am guessing that my adorable little office mate at this job, who fired off at me in the kitchen earlier,  is assuming it is about her as well.  Well, you are wrong, but that being said, what exactly do you say about me behind my back that would lead you to believe I was talking about you???  Interesting........  Very funny, actually, to see the excitement and energy that post dredged up.  I am actually finding it hysterical.

And to the gal that the post is actually about????  No, neither myself OR MY DAUGHTER took the tip money.  Matter of fact, that happened on a day neither one of us was working.

So there ya go.  Just trying to save anyone else from making an ass out of themselves over something on MY blog, a blog that exists so that I can vent/share/goof about anything I want to.

And exactly what do you THINK I did to get that BMW, Little Miss Snarky Pants???    For your information, I sold my horse, horse trailer and a bunch of other stuff to buy it.  OMG, the truth is out!!!

Literally laughing to myself hysterically right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yep, I for sure need therapy now.  Teehee!

Later Taters.

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  1. Oh, my....oh, my....oh, my......;-)