Monday, January 24, 2011

And Again

Happy Monday, all.

I was so exhausted driving home from work last night that I really had to focus on driving in order to feel that I was being safe.  Almost like I had medicine head or something, know what I mean?  I was just drug out bone weary for some odd reason.  Once I got home I was completely unable to relax, much less fall asleep.  I let LabPup hang out with me and we caught a couple of flicks together.  First we watched Toby Maguire, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Natalie Portman in "Brothers".  Ok movie, different than I expected it to be.  I hate endings that leave you wondering wth happened.  Grr.  Then I was still bright eyed and bushy tailed, so LabPup and I decided to watch another one.  Watched about 15 minutes of "Last Song" with Miley Cirus, looked at each other like 'oh, you have GOT to be kidding me' and instead chose a movie called "Flawless" with De Niro and Phillip Seymour Hoffman.  We liked that one ok, although it had sort of a strange ending too.  We ended up heading to bed around 2:30a.m.  I'm a smidgy tired  today.  But hey, if you can't sleep, you can't sleep.  May as well do something other than lie there ticked off you can't sleep, right?  I usually read, but last night I decided on movies.  Very odd for me.

I've always been more of a De Niro fan than a Pacino fan.

I'm wearing Celine Dion's Sensational perfume.  Last spray left in the bottle.  I love this stuff.  Cheap, but smells really good and lasts throughout the day very well too.  I used to wear nothing but Gucci No.3, from the time it came out when I was a teenager till they discontinued it a few years ago.  My mother bought me a bottle every year for Christmas, it was one of our few traditions.  I know you can still find it for sale online, but it, like so many other good perfumes, changes how it smells as it ages, and I don't care for it as much.

I really wanted to watch the Patriots in the Super Bowl this year.  Bummer, dude.

I LOVED the movie "The Birdcage".  My mother and I must have watched that thing a hundred times.  Hilarious!!!

Someone in my life that I love more than anything has Nail Patella Syndrome.  One of the things that 50% of people with this disease end up dealing with is renal failure.  I worry every day about him making good choices and taking care of himself as well as he possibly can, to do his best to avoid as many of the possible complications that may lie ahead.  Not drinking enough water, and drinking ALOT of soda every day is not a good thing for people whos kidneys are already compromised.  *sigh*

I talk to myself alot.  Always have.  People tease me about it.  I wonder if that comes from being an only child, or if I'm just a loon.

Doing really well on cutting the coffee out of my diet.  The coffee at Job#1 is being made so strong nowadays that it gives me heartburn immediately, so no worries about drinking it.  I bring my travel mug from home and drink it and thats it.  Need to transition that into green tea, and I'll be all set.  I do still drink alot of iced tea on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at Job#2 though, and I know that needs to be addressed as well, if I want to get caffeine out of my diet altogether.

Ok, I've bored you enough for now.  Have a great day everyone.  We are all so blessed to be here  :-)


  1. I'm doomed to die a caffeine addict. I've reckoned myself to it. lol

    Can a kidney transplant or preventative living help avoid kidney failure? :(

    I talk to myself too....all. the. time. My husband used to say, "You know, if you ever start answering yourself, I'm going to worry." Now, he's used to it. ;-)

  2. Could I get you two to coach my wife on talking to herself? What a great activity!