Thursday, January 20, 2011


How many times have you been someplace where people run right into you because they have their head down texting, then they glare at you as if YOU were the one that did something rude??  Oh yeah, we've all had that happen to us.  Heck, I've been guilty of texting while walking and using one of the kids or whoever I'm with as a temporary guide as to where we were going, but I have never run into anyone because I was SO focussed on my communications that I was totally unaware of my surroundings.

Driving as much as I do from one job to another, I also see ALOT of the texting while driving phenomenon.  You know the one, where you come up on a car thats either going 30 miles under the speed limit or they are swerving all over the road, or both?  See it all the time.  Astounding.  Really irks me for my family to be put in even more danger on the roads.  But hey, it is what it is, right?

Now the idiot that was so consumed by her texting in the mall, fell into the fountain, ended up on YouTube wants to SUE THE MALL?????  Seriously???  If you weren't already mortified enough with yourself for being an idiot and falling into a giant fountain because you weren't paying any attention to where you were going, now you are going to make yourself look even more stupid by suing someone ELSE for your idiocy?? Really?

Man, The People Of  WalMart be damned, just look around you every day at The People Of The World for your dose of WTF????????????

Oh, good morning everyone  :)

***EDIT*** Why does the word 'sue' look so weird to me up there??  Did I do something wrong there? Ugh, public spelling and grammar.  


  1. If someone that looks like me ever bumps into you at Wallyworld. Rest assured, I did it on purpose. It's my mission in Wallworld that if you are blocking the aisle by either talking on the phone, texting, standing there visiting with 19 members of your family that you probably live within 100 feet of, or any other STUPID reason, that I WILL intentionally get your attention as to the fact that YOUR BLOCKING THE AISLE. When I get that look on my face, W-spouse usually turns and goes the other way. She has seen me do it many times. I just look up and say "Oh I'm sorry".
    Our family has a standing rule. No driving while texting. It gets broke from time to time.
    Don't worry about the grammar or spelling. Someone will always correct it anyway. I put a disclaimer on my blog the first day stating that my grammar or spelling wouldn't be correct all the time. Nearly everyday someone would correct it. One Anon commenter even went as far to say that they just didn't want me to look dumb. Well heck, why correct me in a public forum then.....Sheeez

  2. Mr. Corner, you made me laugh...and I'm not going to our local WalMart any more....because, uh, I was sorta texting while I was there this week....and, uh, a little old lady had to ask me to move so she could get by. =( Yeah, I know. I apologized profusely.....moved....and put the phone away. [where's that gnashing of the teeth smiley icon??]

    I'll work on it you two. And if you know the little old lady, feel free to send her a letter....I'll cop to it. ;-) [sorry...but you KNOW that was kinda funny....made me laugh!]

    Ok, as for spelling/grammar/fact correctors. Pfft. There's also a few others concepts such as manners, graciousness and guest etiquette. Don't sweat it.

    Not that you could friggin' sweat in this weather lately...brrrrr!