Friday, January 21, 2011


I really find it interesting how different people view things in their own way.  No sarcasm font here at all, I really mean what I am saying here.

You know how they say every person will interpret a painting or a book or a song in a different way?  It is so true, isn't it??

For instance, and what brings me to post this, is the way that different people interpreted my comment "Many people get a good life they don't deserve while others that deserve good things suffer. I don't pretend to understand it, but it sucks."

When I wrote this, I had on my mind and heart a few people in my life that have been going through some really hard times, not necessarily financially, but in other ways.  Different situations and different reasons for my thinking about them, but none of them were financial reasons.  One has had hell with family, another with general odd luck of circumstances, yet another having issues with bullying that has gone on too long and still isn't over and done with.  

Then also on my mind were a few people I know that are really not very nice people.  Not good people.  Yet they have been blessed with people in their lives that tolerate them and try to love and help them, even when they are treated awfully by said person/people.  People that, no matter what jerks they behave like, are still treated well and just generally skip through life unmolested by guilt or hard circumstances, and have yet to see consequences for their ill behavior.

But I really do find it interesting that many people did automatically read into my comment a financial theme.

Isn't it cool how we are all so different in how we view things??  I think it is, I really do!!!

Anyhow, I thought it was interesting  :)


  1. OK, let me back up and start again. lol If I'm on the right track this time, you're talking about people that are loved by good people and they've done little if anything to deserve it.

    Unconditional love can be a confusing issue. The greatest example of this is God's unconditional love for me. I owed a debt (sin) that I could not pay. He paid (Jesus) my debt that He did not owe.

    He loved me and made this provision for me even when I was at my worst. And believe me, there are too many days to count when I am totally selfish and self-centered. I didn't do anything to even remotely deserve what He did for me.

    My intention is not to preach but to help. I've just known you for a short period of time, thanks to cyberspace, but you seem to really have a good heart. I think that your heart has been scarred a little by hurtful things that have been done to you that you didn't deserve.

    God has made a plan for you. He wants peace, joy and happiness for you and your girls.

  2. This made me cry a little. Seriously.

  3. is interesting! Maybe because "having" does most commonly relate to e "monetary" (Spelling Bee word) issue? I don't know. I do know you meant a broader definition of it...that's just you. You're a very warm person to intuitively sees a lot within people.

    As for my feeling regarding bullying, the metaphorical cartoon comes to mind: A hawk sees a cobra bowing up from the ground....the hawk starts to take flight and bare it's talons at the cobra....except that the cobra has just shot it's predatorial reptilian eyes toward the hawk's nest, aside on the tree branch. In that nest are its chicks. Alas, the hawk has to keep its talons rooted next to the nest, lest the chicks be left unguarded...with the hissing reptile nearby...

    I don't know if cobras can climb trees like the tree snakes, but you get the gist.