Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Why do people think they are the only ones using the roads?  I don't have any problem with you pulling out in front of me and cutting me off, but for heavens sake, if you are in SUCH a dang hurry that you can't wait till I pass before you pull out, then get on the damn gas and get to scootin' and stay out of the way!!   I don't know how many times a week this happens, but I will be driving along and some numbskull will pull out right in front of me, then proceed to go about 35-40 miles per hour.  Most of the time when this happens, there are NO cars behind me, so if you really want to drive 35 in a 65-70 mph zone, then can you please do so behind me???  Good gravy.  Just like we were discussing yesterday on the National Anthem thread over at Mr. Corners place, people just have no respect or consideration for anything or anyone in life anymore.  Sorry state of affairs, it is.

This weekend at Job#2 I helped a beautiful little family of four.  Physically beautiful, that is.  They ate and then came back up to the front to order something to go and I saw the two boys eying the little dish of candy we have sitting there by the register.  I asked the father if it would be ok for me to offer the kids a piece of candy, and he said yes.  I offer the dish to the boys and the younger one grabbed several pieces.  The older boy, looked to be around 9-10, says in a very rude voice 'I don't even LIKE that kind!!!'  I just ignored the rude comment and sat the dish down.  The kid then proceeds to grab a toothpick, pull the cellophane wrapper off of it, and throw the wrapper on the floor without even blinking.  It was obvious he was accustomed to doing this type of thing.  Neither parent said a word about it. I was disgusted. Thanks for raising such outstanding people to send out into the world, yuppy jerks!!

Also this weekend at Job#2 we had a couple come in the door that I knew in an instant were on something.  Being raised around this stuff, not only can I spot it a mile away, it freaks the ever loving h*ll out of me to be around it.  I tried to stay up front while they ordered, but was incredibly uncomfortable, watching them fidget and talk nonsense, watching the woman pull at her hair and sift through her purse and both of them forget what they were doing right in the middle of ordering.  I finally had to head to the back and notify one of the owners about what we had going on out there.  In the meantime, the cashier got their order in and they went to sit down.  Throughout the time they were there, every time they would see a male employee, the man would ask him "hey, hey, is there a match in there?" and point to our banquet room.  He must have asked this question a dozen times.  Finally he and his woman headed out to their car.  We thought we were free of them.  Not so.  The man came back inside and got up in my face asking me where the toothpicks were.  I showed him and he grabbed several then asked me where the restroom was.  He was in there for so long that we sent male employees to check on him.  Finally, after ascertaining that the guy wasn't using the restroom for it's intended purposes, we called the police in.  That officer called for backup.  The guy was arrested and evidently had numerous outstanding warrants.  Not to mention he was a pos doper.  The woman was cranked up too, but they let her leave.  She didn't act very surprised by the whole thing, like having some chow and getting arrested was a regular routine.  I cannot imagine choosing to live that way.  I was forced to live that crap when I was too little to do anything about it, I cannot FATHOM living that way on purpose.

Thank you, Lord, for keeping my mind right so that I could walk away from all of that.  Thank you that I have had no health issues from being born through that.  Thank you that I have managed so far to muddle through raising two loving, healthy, considerate, respectful, children, even though I had no example or advice on how to do so.  I've not done the best job, but I've tried.  Thank you that I have had the challenges that I have had in my life, to teach me and shape me.

Thank you.


  1. Ditto....AMEN.

    And, your Friends love & respect who You are. =)