Tuesday, January 18, 2011

There's A Rabbit In My Tepee

When I got home last night, there was a rabbit in my tepee.  

Papoose #2 had been bugging me about getting a rabbit for quite some time.  My answer was always easy to predict - NO.

Papoose #2 had a game Friday, and I was able to leave Job1 early to attend, but had to leave the game early in order to get to Job2 on time, so a Dear Friend of mine offered to take Papoose #2 home for me.  Perfect!!

While I was working that evening, I receive a text from Dear Friend asking if they could keep Papoose #2 overnight and take her to their rabbit show the next day.  Sure thing, I said, she will really enjoy that!!

Fast forward to the next morning.  I am getting ready for work again, Job2, and my cell phone rings.  Now, we live in a black hole, having a cell conversation anywhere in or near our home is almost always impossible.  It has been this way for the five years we've lived there.  Heck, it's only been the last few months that we can even get internet service there.  I'm telling you, its like the technological Bermuda Triangle, and I am not exaggerating.  Anyhow, I roll my eyes and answer the phone.  It's Papoose #2.  Between the static, background noise from where she was, the cutting in and out of the cell service, and the racket of LabPup throwing his nylabone around the kitchen, I make out something that sounds like "LADY----BUNNIES-----FREE----PLEEEEEEEZE!!!"

I went with the pat answer, "NO!!!!!!!!!!".  Aren't I just the meanest mommy ever???

Long story short, Papoose #2 didn't claim the bad connection made it sound like my 'NO' was really 'Oh of COURSE sweet child, take the bunny, heck take two!!'.  She was a good little Papoose.

HOWEVER, Dear Friend felt that Papoose #2 desperately needed the experience of having a soft fluffy playmate to love, and decided to 'leave it up to fate'.  Meaning, Dear Friend saw a raffle for a little black bunny and promptly purchased NUMEROUS raffle tickets for said drawing.  You see where this is going.

Papoose #2 is delivered home safely Saturday evening, sans bunny, so I assume all is right in the world.  I am thinking wonderful things about what a responsible and mature papoose I have managed to raise, and am feeling quite fond of the wonderful person I have helped to shape and form into this amazingly responsible young adult.

Evidently, I failed to realize that 'fate' had stepped in and won us a bunny, at the hand of Dear Friend  :/

So now there is a show bunny in my tepee.  He is incredibly sweet, very lovable, and soft and gorgeous.  He has a pedigree and can be shown.  Who in the world knew that bunnies came with papers???

His name is Sexy Beast.

And people wonder why I am a woman on the edge..............

Now I am in hot water with Papoose #1, who just learned of the bunny.  Papoose #1 spent many moons begging for a show rabbit as well, and never did get one.  This squaw is in for it now!!!  hehehe.

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