Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Speaking of pianos

I would like to apologize for the curse words in last nights post.  I'm not going to say that it was very unlike me, because it's not, I have a potty mouth, but I generally work very diligently to tame it while in polite company.  Or, when I am with anyone other than myself, I should say.  Usually when I am typing up my notes for my posts, I just let it fly and ramble on, then I go back and add *'s or change wording or whatever so I am not as offensive as I may be 'au naturel' *smirk*

Drinking beer is very very bad for you.  I like beer.  Dammit.  Darn it.

I wonder what percentage of people really do the 5 second rule?  I know I see it alot, haha.

My car is constantly covered in muddy kitty paw prints.  How in the world do I keep outside cats off of my car?  I am way to lazy to cover it every night.  Balls  :-(

LabPup found a huge kitty tootsie roll out in the sandy area of the driveway last night.  Although I caught him immediately and told him to drop it, his breath was hideous!!!  I fed him a snickerdoodle and a leftover piece of chicken piccata to try to tone down the stank.  Gross.

I drop Papoose #2 off at school every day on my way to Job#1.  This morning I had a police officer tailgate me for about 5 miles.  Even in the school zone.  He was so close to me that I could not see his headlights.  That pissed me off pretty good.  He finally pulled into the parking lot by the ball fields where he waits each morning for people speeding in the school zone.  Go figure.

If the scheduling works out right, I am going to the doc for a physical and to talk to him about what all has been going on with the Squaw.  See if we can't maybe get us a little helpskie.   News at 11.  Narf.

G'Day Y'all


  1. And who is this "polite company" that you're referring to? I haven't seen anyone in the blogging community that would qualify.

  2. Hey, hey, Mr. Answers?!! Psyche...just kidding....LOL

  3. How to get paw prints from being on vehicle:
    #1 when you get home, go straight to fridge and get a beer.
    #2 go straight to porch and set and drink beer.
    #3 go straight back to fridge get another beer.
    #4 go straight back to porch, trip on mat and curse, drink the beer.
    #5 go back to fridge and get beer, go to closet and get shotgun, go back to porch.
    #6 drink beer and watch for kittens.
    #7 curse because your out of beer and dropped shotgun.
    #8 go back and get another beer from fridge, head back to porch.
    #9 set and watch for kittens and drink beer.
    #10 head back to fridge carrying shotgun, pappoose asks why your carrying gun.
    #11 you explain, pappoose gets mad at you for shooting cats, you get mad at yourself for drinking so much beer and cursing and carrying a shotgun through the house.
    #12 put shotgun away, go back to fridge for another beer, realize your out of beer.
    #13 head out to gas guzzler to run to town to get beer, back out of driveway full of ruts and into ditch overturning vehicle that guzzles gas.
    #14 climb out of vehicle, look back and smile, realizing kittens can no longer leave paw prints on top.

    Problem solved :)

  4. Oh.Dear.Sweet.Mother.Of.Pearl.


    You rock, my friend!!!!

    I'm heading out to commence project kittypawprint now!!!!!