Friday, January 14, 2011

This is too funny.  I've said it a million times before....I would HATE to be a guy, dealing with women!!  Women are impossible to figure out!!!

I enjoy Mister Corner's question of the day.

I miss Obi blogging.

I am actually looking forward to working my other job this weekend.  I enjoy the people I work with and some of the customers are so darn funny and nice.  I am looking forward to that distraction.

By January 31st I will have my house payments caught up completely.  That will feel really good.  Someone was supposed to be paying them and come to find out, was not paying them.  I was stuck with the task of striking a deal with the mortgage company.  I have had to really work my as* off to come up with almost four thousand dollars in only a few weeks.  Bleh.

Enough pity party for me!!!  This is my year, damm*t!!!!   It's ALL GOOD!!!

I don't HAVE to, I GET to!!!

And I am not typing in sarcasm font on that.  I really believe it, and I appreciate being reminded of it today  :)

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  1. I like Mr. Corner's QotD too. :) I love things that provoke thought, honesty and inner-reflection. And I like having Friends who inspire such....

    And I also love having a Friend that I'd always wished I'd had...and do have now. Xo