Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Gosh, Is It Tuesday Already??? *view in sarcasm font*

Dammit, I totally forgot my workout clothes today!!!  No tennis shoes!!  Just clog Birkenstocks.  That is a recipe for disaster.  I am so clumsy, I'm lucky to come out of a workout in one piece when I am properly attired, this cannot happen!  Urgh.

I would love to live somewhere again where I can go snowshoeing in the winter.  That is the best dang workout ever!!  Horse back riding and snowshoeing.  Now THAT is a workout routine I can get into!

You know, I think it is incredibly sad how hard it is to be amazed anymore.  I mean, with all the special effects and photoshopping and plastic surgery, it's nearly impossible to be impressed anymore.  I find that so sad.  Now, we are so used to seeing amazing things, we just take it for granted and go on.  It used to be, if you had attractive features or a nice body, you were born with it or worked for it.  Anyhow, no point here, it's just something that crosses my mind quite often.

I am surprised at some of the people I have become incredibly close to, people that have managed to really become a part of my heart.  They are a few people that I never expected to become so attached to, or to feel so protective of.   I had a rather interesting childhood, as so many people have.  I spent the first forty or so years of my life thinking something was inherently broken inside of me.  I always felt that I had something missing.  I never thought I was capable of true unconditional love.  I had never really felt it.  I didn't think I was able.  I took the feelings I had for my children in stride, but did surprise myself at how all encompassing a mothers love for her children can be, but I was totally blind sided and taken utterly by surprise by the way my heart has taken in a few other people in my life.  People I never would have thought, upon meeting them, would end up becoming such a part of me.

I find it interesting that some people you really like and trust can end up completely undeserving of your trust and friendship, while others can sneak up on you, grow on you if you will, and carve out their own little space in your heart, where you can carry them with you everywhere you go.  I think of them as 'sleepers', and it makes me so happy to have these people in my life.  They, along with my wonderfully loving daughters, have taught me how to really love.

And to the people that I gave my friendship to who showed me they don't deserve it.  Shame on you.  Your loss.
I know, I know....most people do their growing up wayyyyy before 42.  So I am a bit late to class.  At least I showed up.

Have a wonderful day everyone.   Smile at someone today, ask them how they are doing, I bet they appreciate it  :)

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  1. What a cool description -- "Sleepers." I like it. :-)