Thursday, January 20, 2011

Thoughts From Home

So, people are figuring out about this blog.  Finding it.  I think I am ok with that.  Sort of odd for people that know me to know this is my blog, but then, I decided to be honest on here, so if people that know me, and know the events of my life that I have shared so far, figure out it's me, so be it. I am not going to lie.  This is my journal.  I will write whatever I want to, when I want to write it, and screw the collateral damage.

Like someone I adore said recently, if you choose to go snooping on someone, be prepared to be shocked, surprised, hurt.  That is YOUR choice for making the decision to share in something you were not necessarily invited into.  Question for all.......if you had the opportunity or ability to, would you get inside your significant others head???  Would you really want to know what goes on in there??  Your kids??  Your best friend???  Hmmmmm....

I liked the movie Fight Club.

I think there are way too many people that don't deserve to have children that are blessed with them, and way too many that deserve them yet aren't blessed with having them.

My  bestest dearest most amazingest good friend from forever just found me a couple of days ago on facebook.  We had lost touch.  Her husband was a crazy cop who hated my guts for some reason.  I didn't try overly hard to stay in touch to save her the grief.  He doesn't get to be her husband anymore.  Now she found me.  Life is good.

There are too many jerks in the world, both male and female.

Many people get a good life they don't deserve while others that deserve good things suffer.  I don't pretend to understand it, but it sucks.

I still believe that there are more good hearted people in the world than evil hearted people.  I will always believe that.

I was raised by a drug addict.  It sucked.  I still loved her, and I miss her like nobody's business.

She would have been so proud of the papooses  :)

I still don't understand why anyone reads this gibberish.

I.NEED.THERAPY. hahahahahahahhahahah


  1. I think some of the lives that you suspect that are good but undeserved, are not really that good. They might appear to be good (i.e. money houses, cars, etc.) That has very little to do with happiness. Unless you are doing what God created you to do and in a relationship with Him, you will not be happy. Take that from an old man with experience.

  2. Great answer, Mr Answers.
    My first thought was, yes, I would like to know what W-spouse thinks, but then I thought about it, and her and I share a lot of thoughts(not always good). So that is probably enough to keep us both happy. LOL

  3. There are so many people who aren't happy...regardless of whether they "have bank," or not...if Something's missing, Something's missing. I agree w/Mr. Answers? too. =)

    When I see children who have blank eyes, it breaks my heart.....and they come from families with $$ and those without.

    I'm with you on the Evil people. I think for every One really horrid, wicked-dripping Evilist out there, there's 100's of "Good" people....that's to say, "normal" everyday individuals who eschew being too close within the shadows of pure, unadulterated Evil. Thank goodness.