Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Throwing It Out There

I read the book Water For Elephants. Was good enough to keep me entertained, but I am curious how it will play as a movie.

Christina Aguilera and Pink have the best female voices in music today.

I love Cher. when I was young I always wanted her to be my mother.  Twisted, yeah. (I already warned you people that I'm not stable, sheesh).   Not for the famous or rich aspect, just because I'm incredibly drawn to her. I know her daughter is all he/she jacked up, but I still always wanted her to be my mom. I used to watch the Sonny and Cher show every time it was on, and that's saying alot, because even back then I was not a television watcher.  I think Cher is damaged somehow in a similar way to how I am damaged. When I was younger, I saw that, for some reason.

Mister Wonderful is totally watching the Joan Rivers reality show.  Wow.  Shoveling his dinner into his mouth and completely tied into that show.

I love Cher, Liza Minelli, Barbara Streisand, and Judy Garland.  Oh sh*t.  That makes me a drag queen, doesn't it??????????????????????  H*ll, I'm not good enough with my hair and makeup to be a drag queen!!!!

Now Mr. W is watching some show about drag queens.  Wth is going on around this place tonight???

I taught myself how to play Moonlight Sonata by ear on the piano when I was younger, because it was my mothers favorite song and I thought it would make her happy.  It, and a couple of other very simplistic songs are the only piano pieces I know to this day.  I can play the h*ll out of Moonlight Sonata though, hahahaha.

I've always wanted to learn to swing dance and ballroom dance. Silly as it sounds, that is one of the things that made me so sad about my dark marriage to Mister Wonderful, that he would never even entertain the thought of taking lessons with me.  H*ll, he won't even take me out anywhere, much less to dance lessons.  I think I will take lessons someday.  I am the least coordinated person you will ever meet, I can't even do the electric slide without jacking it up somehow.  But dang I love to dance, talent be damned.  I will get out there and boogie and make myself look like an idiot, but I will have a TIME doing it!!

I like it when people comment on my thoughts.  Whether it is something that is positive or negative.  It centers me, somehow, to have other peoples opinions of this chaos that goes through my mind all the time.  I appreciate the input.  I really do.

Listen to the Sonata.  Even if you don't think you like that kind of music, just take a few minutes out of your life and sit back and listen to it.  It really is very good.  Very moving.  Enjoy it.  It can teach you how to relax, laugh, cry and lament all in one song.

Night, all.


  1. i love beethoven... and mozart too... and going to the symphony... i'm a nerd! ha!

    water for elephants was one of my better reads last year... like you, i wonder how the movie is going to be... i don't normally watch the movies after reading the books... i'm a reader more than a watcher...

    learn to dance! do it now! i always wanted to learn salsa and ballroom...but alas, i waited too long and now the MS monster has taken those desires from me....

  2. Oh man, I would LOVE to go to the symphony!! Another thing I need to add to my list :)

    I hate that you don't get to learn to dance now
    :( No bueno :(

  3. i know... i loved to dance! i have sort of this chicken dance thing going on when it gets too cold or hot... my brother had the nerve to tell me i need to apply at a fred astaire's dance studio... snot

  4. Okay, add "listening to the symphony" to poolside mimosa-sipping. ;-) Gotcha covered....

    And there is NOTHING more beautiful -- or mood calming -- than some strings from Mr. Beethoven. [Heaven]

  5. Btw, I'm no Mr. Wonderful fan, but if he's curious about Joan Rivers, the current documentary 'Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work' is an excellent look into her life. Poignantly funny and sad at the same time.....should've received an Academy nomination!!!

  6. I've heard good things about that documentary, Obi. But he really isn't interested in anything but football, heavy metal music, and online war gaming. Hence my astonishment at his television viewing choices that night. Edit post to show that upon further research, I discovered he was flipping channels watching these out of character shows while he waited for the latest downloads on the afore mentioned war games, haha.