Thursday, January 6, 2011


I am not perfect.  I am not even almost perfect. I am not even in the same zipcode as perfect.

Hell, I can't even claim to be anywhere in the vicinity of pretty-damn-good.


One thing I can say with all certainty and honesty is, what you see is what you get.  I don't pretend to be anything I am not, and I don't think I am any better than anyone else is.  If I like you, you will know it.  If I don't like you, I will be polite, and do my best to just stay out of your way.

One thing I will NOT do, is be sweet and nice to your face and then rip you to shreds behind your back.  I will vent and rant and rave about people just like anyone else will, but I will not lie to you and say I am your friend and then do everything in my power to fu*k you over behind your back.

I work with someone that is evidently so miserable in her own life, and has such incredible self esteem issues, that she does just exactly what I described above.  She does it ALL.THE.TIME.  I blow it off and let it roll off my shoulders and I continue to be nice every day, because hey, we work together, there is only so much avoidance I can manage without being rude or causing any stress in the company.  But I'll tell you what, I get damn sick of her crap sometimes.  She is so desperate for attention that she flirts with every man she encounters and only has male friends because she is so shit*y to women that she can't keep a good girlfriend.  She thrives on the attention that men give her when she flirts and bats her eyes at them, and one day will be devastated when she doesn't have her looks to get by on, and has to actually utilize her pathetic personality instead.

She is also so stupid that she doesn't think that the people she talks shit about me to will come to me and let me know what she says.  I don't ask, and they rarely tell me, but once in awhile others get so tired of her snarkiness that they will vent a little off to me.

I am amazed that someone can stand to live that way.  What a miserable and pathetic way to live.

I am not in any way a vengeful or hateful person, ever, but as I have mentioned, 2011 is my year, and there is one particular bit*h that I can't wait to piss off with the life I am creating for myself.

Living well is, after all, the best revenge.


  1. I have a very similar issue at my workplace, except its a male. And of course, the issues are a little different. One of these days...........
    Hey, thanks for commenting on my blog and for reading it!

  2. Of course!! Love your blog, I am really happy you decided to start one. I find myself checking first thing each morning, to get a 'real time' weather check haha.

  3. My first thought was Silly Alley - she goes off on a co-worker all the time......but I'm sure I am wrong.