Wednesday, January 12, 2011

hUmP dAy

This week is moving right along.  It's a bit nipplish out there again this morning, isn't it?

Well, managed to scavenge together some workout clothing for last night and get the dirty deed done.  Thank you Family Dollar, you fashion mecca you.  I know you all were worried about that.  (again, view in sarcasm font).

I love Katherine Hepburn, and so wish I had more time to watch some of her movies.  I have really been wanting to watch some old movies lately.  Gotta work hard now, so I can have more time to watch movies later, I suppose.  May try to sneak one in while doing laundry and such tomorrow evening.

Tonight is the weekly trip to The Wally World and the feed store.  Yes, my life IS that exciting.  Don't hate.

I am such a space cadet that I have to make notes and lists for everything.  Problem is, I am such a space cadet that I then lose the notes, forget where I put them.  I am beginning to just get past thinking that will ever change, and accept that I am, in fact, a space cadet.  I am learning to laugh it off.

Don't let me forget dish soap at The Wally World.

Flip flops make me happy.  I love flip flops.   Ok ok, I love all shoes.  I got the cutest little pair of van looking tennies at the Family Dollar last night.  I know they are horrible for my feet, but damn they are cute as hell!!!!

Uh oh......I wonder where I fall in the scope of things, after reading this from Mr. Corner:  * There are new blogs popping up everyday around these parts. Some funny, some interesting.............Some NOT.*   I am worried.  I mean, I talk about flip flops and The Wally World.  Yikes!!!

Stay warm everyone.  I have some work to get done.


  1. Nah, yours is great! Jar just hates it when people post pictures of cats dressed in baby clothes! ;-)