Friday, January 28, 2011

No coffee today.  So far so good.

Have to admit, it wasn't purely by choice.  I had to have a fasting blood draw done, so nothing but water from midnight till 9 this morning when I went to get drawn.  Boy is the doc lucky I have been slowly cutting back on the caffeine over the past couple of weeks, huh?   He could have had a real h*ll b*tch on his hands, otherwise!!

I love my birks, but I sure am ready for a pedi and some flip flops.  I'm jonesing.

Anyone of my three readers that missed it, you have GOT to read the comment Corner left for me.  Absolute genius.  Love it!!!!

I don't have much to offer today folks.  Busy and incredibly drug out and tired.  Sorry.

Papoose #1 will be home this weekend though, that's fab!!!  She's showing some friends horses at the Stock Show.  I can't wait to hug her!!

LabPup has mastered the 'sit' and 'wait' commands I use when I am getting ready to feed him.  Good boy, LabPup.

Mister Wonderful has announced that if he can get enough money together, he is moving to Panama.  No, not in Florida.  At the canal.  He says the unemployment rate is only like 4%.  I think someone lied to him.  Besides, I've LIVED in Panama, and I'm sorry, but thieving, drug running and  hooking can't possibly be considered official employment.  I told him he could stop by and visit when he was in the U.S.  He insisted I'm going with him.  I informed him that it would would be a case of over HIS dead body, not mine.  Narf.

Papoose #2 is mad at me because I won't let her go to Nicaragua on a mission trip with her church.  Be pissed all you want, little girl, not happenin' on my watch.

There was an evil bungee cord in the road on the way in to work this morning.  Right where there was no way to go around it on either side, had to straddle the evil thing.  *shudder*  Had to drive back over it on the way to and from the doc's office too.  Sheeeiiitttee....

I know, I know.......therapy.


  1. Genius? I think not.
    That's way to generous.

  2. that Corner left you one heck of a comment!
    took him some time i bet to hack all that out... ha! but it is well worth it....

    i have a blog friend who packed up and moved to panama... got mad at how the govt is treating small business owners (she makes jewelry) so she packed it up... and apparently she is doing MUCH better financially....

  3. Just popping in to say, "Hello!!!! And *hugs* x's a gazillion...miss youuuuu!"